This weekend we visited with Zara Home a house that is an example of modern architecture in the English countryside

This weekend we visited with Zara Home a house that is an example of modern architecture in the English countryside

this time Zara Home takes us back on a trip to the middle of the English countryside by the hand of the model Eddie Campbell.

Eddie is lucky to have an architect mother who has designed a very contemporary style house by a lake in Northamptonshire. A country house is far from being the typical house that we associate with the English countryside, from . Rather the contrary, it is a example of contemporary architecture Reminiscent of Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth house due to its straight lines and large windows.

At home with Juana Pepa @madamejuanapepa

The big windows it makes the limits totally blur so that the lake and the nature that surround it form an active part of the interior where the minimum has been intervened. Its concrete ceilings, its terrazzo floors and stuccoed finished walls generate a brutalist effect that is compensated with the warmth of the exterior that is an active part of the interior.

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In this glass house, the furniture is scarce but large, such as the built-in sofa attached to the wall that looks at a large fireplace.

As Edie confesses, she likes to receive friends at home and for it to be filled with people, but she also enjoys the infinite relaxation offered by her views of the lakes, her boat or horse rides and taking care of the plants in a nearby greenhouse.

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Ash wood chair that comes from responsibly managed forests (FSC certified), with a contrasting braided rattan seat for 149 euros.

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The wooden coffee table is also from Zara Home. This is the oak wood table inspired by the old carpenter tables for 499 euros

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The most desirable pouf is made of cotton with a handle and pocket and is priced at 99.99 euros.

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You wonder when you see these images what it would be like to get up with a view like this.

The bed is dressed with this quilt made of cotton, with a dot design for a 150 cm bed for 49.99 euros

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Don’t let the apparent simplicity of your bathroom fool you. That you can take baths like this.

Towel rack with ash wood structure of 79.99 euros

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Download 2022 05 20t092939 493

Lamp with a cylindrical base and screen and a stucco finish for 149 euros.

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Hammock made in natural color with contrasting stripes of 99.99 euros

The editorial is also a good excuse to introduce us to the Zara Home hammock and seat.


This hanging chair made in natural color with contrasting stripes 99.99 euros

In Decoesfera | The mixture of the old and the new works in decoration, (Zara Home’s word) where they have many items that seem to come from an antique shop

The latest Zara Home novelties practice the new rustic to achieve very relaxed interiors