This was the first complaint in CONAMED in its entire history

This was the first complaint in CONAMED in its entire history

We know that CONAMED is a specialized instance that has technical autonomy and has powers to receive complaints, investigate alleged irregularities in the provision of medical services and issue their opinions, agreements and awards, which allow conflicts to be resolved. Yet have you ever wondered What was the first complaint in CONAMED in its entire history?

This is how he narrates Jose Julio Bustos Perez.

Testimony: first complaint in CONAMED

Dr. Héctor Fernández Varela, on June 5, told me the following: “Stay tuned for tomorrow because the creation of the National Medical Arbitration Commission (CONAMED) has already been announced and perhaps one or two may arrive. people who have complaints about their medical care and ask what it is about.”

So they took the CONAMED headquarters a desk, some blank sheets
co, some medical books and pens. The person in charge requested Dr. Ramiro García Durán,
also a specialist with clinical experience, to accompany him.

“The offices on the floors were just being set up, so it was at the reception, going up the stairs to the entrance, where we located ourselves. To our surprise, an important group of people arrived who wanted to be attended, and there, sharing the desk, the attention to users began”.

To him, I touch the first complaint which curiously was not medical, but dentistry,
It was file 001, of Mrs. María Alicia. Which, she referred in summary that had a problem in an IMSS clinic for the extraction of a third molar, that the procedure was very complicated, taking three hours and with many “stings” of anesthesia. Later still days later, could not open his mouth and had a lack of feeling on that side of the face.

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In this case, she had already filed the complaint with the Human Rights Commission
Humans and the Coordination of Attention and Orientation of Social Security Complaints
and got no results.


In the CONAMEDfor a better analysis of the clinical case, the Association
Dental of the Federal District. That a credentialed maxillofacial surgeon and dentist
check the patient and they will verify the situation and together with the analysis of the
clinical file in CONAMED.

It was established that he had a trigeminal injury in his mandibular area, a consequence of the procedure with a deficiency in the care provided. So that compensation was requested from the IMSS, which was granted to the patientwhich corresponded to the expenses he had incurred with private dentists and the payment of a mandibular rehabilitation program.

With improvement of the patient, this process took approximately three months and thus the first complaint in CONAMED was resolved.

It is said that the first day CONAMED opened its doors 17 consultancies and 20 complaints were given. Of these, nine were from IMSS, six from ISSSTE and five private.

The complaints were dealt with in the conciliation area (which was established in the following
days). Where were carefully analyzed complaints by specialists, more information was obtained from doctors and patients and the correct solution was sought.

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