This was the fall of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 2, 3 and Outbreak

This was the fall of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 2, 3 and Outbreak

Of all the groups, corporations or units that we have known throughout the 25-year history of resident Evilwithout a doubt the Raccoon City Police Department it is one of the most emblematic; not only for being the great center of the events of the first Resident Evil, but also because all the protagonists of the saga have been linked to this police force, in one way or another. However, the saga has also shown us that there is life far beyond Raccoon City Police Department, so we want to take the opportunity to offer you all the details of this iconic location; from its units to all the events that marked the fall of the most iconic location in the saga.

All about the fall of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil

1.- The Raccoon City Police Department: former museum financed by the Umbrella Corporation

The Raccoon City Police Department It draws attention, first of all, for its spectacular location. Located in an old art museum since 1969, it managed to be preserved thanks to the contributions of Umbrella Corporation. Contributions that were not only monetary, but also administrative, because as we verified in Resident Evil 2, the ties of Commissioner Irons with the Umbrella Corporation are quite close. In addition, the fact of being preserved as a museum allowed to enjoy its network of corridors, labyrinths and secret rooms in Resident Evil 2. The Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil was also made up of the following units:

Original photo of the STARS, the most iconic unit of the Raccoon City Police Department and that Capcom has kept in the remakes.

  • Patrol. It is the main unit of the Raccoon Police Department in terms of numbers, in which protagonists such as Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 2) or Kevin Ryman (Resident Evil Outbreak) are found. It is also the body trying to contain the T-Virus disaster, both defending the Police Station and patrolling the streets.
  • STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service, Special Tactics and Rescue Services). It is one of the elite units of the RPD, in charge of the most dangerous and important missions, such as investigating the Spencer Mansion incident. Although the STARS disappeared after the Arklay disaster, to date it is the RPD unit with the most survivors: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers.
  • SWAT/SPF (Selected Police Force). Unit that replaces the STARS after their disappearance and led by Commissioner Irons. It was the main containment unit for the Virus T outbreak in the city and at the Police Station. Kevin Ryman, protagonist of Outbreak, belongs to this body. Made up of police trained for high-risk missions, to operate with all kinds of weapons and in all kinds of conditions, it completely disappears with the destruction of Raccoon City.
  • K-9 Unit. Made up of police officers and trained Dobermans, we find it in the garage of the Police Station in Resident Evil 2.
  • Youth Division. Charged with misdemeanors.
  • forensic unit. Responsible for investigating crime scenes and collecting evidence.

2.- The fall of the Raccoon City Police Department

The fall of Raccoon City is inevitably linked to the fall of the Police Department, which became the last great refuge for the city’s survivors. The “taking over” of the Comidaría covers several days of the month of September 1998 and is one of the main focuses of games like Resident Evil 2 or Resident Evil Outbreak. Although it concentrates the bulk of the events, the truth is that the Raccoon City disaster dates back to several disappearances that took place in the Arklay Mountains in early 1998, caused by the Umbrella Corporation’s development of a known lethal virus. as Virus T. Although the STARS managed to stop the incident Spencer Mansion (Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0), this was just the starting point for the fall of the Raccoon City Police Department and the destruction of the city.

After the disaster caused by Umbrella Corporation at the Spencer Mansion, Chief Irons, bribed by Umbrella, decided to cover up everything that had happened and dissolve the STARS unit. But this did not contain the subsequent disaster, but also made it worse, preventing the police from being prepared and only the surviving STARS from knowing what was going to happen. to occure. As the main moments of the Fall of the Raccoon City Police Department we can find the following:

This is the complete map of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2, 3 and Outbreak

This was the fall of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 2, 3 and Outbreak 3

Resident Evil 3 begins in the midst of chaos in Raccoon City, between Resident Evil Outbreak and 2.

  • September 23, 1998: The T-Virus contaminates the Raccoon City Dam, beginning the spread of the virus and the disaster.
  • 24th September. The T-Virus begins to spread, so the Police Department mobilizes to protect civilians. Meanwhile, the Umbrella Corporation sends doctors and researchers to the city. It’s also the date that Resident Evil Outbreak begins, with Cop Ryman at Jack’s Bar helping the survivors.
  • September 25th. The United States Government begins to evacuate civilians and declares an emergency in Raccoon City.

“September 25th. The police station has been transformed into a temporary shelter from the sudden outbreak. The entire Police Force has orders: the safety of the citizens is their top priority while we accommodate those we can.

September 25 (addendum). One of the refugees attacked us in the middle of the night, killing one officer and injuring three others. The person in question has been rapidly reduced. We believe that he has been someone who has collapsed under pressure », we can read in one of the Resident Evil 2 notes, written by police officer David Ford.

This was the fall of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 2, 3 and Outbreak 4

Leon arrives at the Raccoon City Police Station on September 29, before the city’s destruction.

  • September 26. The SWAT of the Police Department spring into action. Umbrella sends the UBCS into the city.
  • September 27th. The Police Station becomes the last refuge for the survivors and the police begin to plan their escape from the city through its tunnels. Little by little they begin to be bitten, until only Marvin remains.
  • September 28. The story of Resident Evil 3 begins, with Jill and Brad trying to flee the city.
  • September 29th. Carlos Oliveira arrives at the Police Station, shortly before Leon and Claire do so and Resident Evil 2 begins. The T-103 Tyrant arrives shortly after and it is known that Nemesis, attracted by the surviving STARS, is prowling nearby.
  • October 1st. Destruction of the Police Station after the nuclear attack launched on all of Raccoon City.
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3.- What happened to the Raccoon City cops who survived

Despite the enormous efforts of the Raccoon City Police Department to contain the collapse and save civilians, virtually none of its members survived. But there were some who ran with that fate, among which we must highlight the STARS The elite team lived up to its name by being the unit of the Police Department that had More Raccoon City Survivors: All members of the Alpha Team and Rebecca Chambers. Along with them, we must highlight Kevin Ryman, a policeman and member of the SPD who manages to flee in Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak 2.

Although the others did not manage to escape, it is necessary to emphasize the important role that many of them play in the titles. Such is the case of Marvin Branagh, Commissioner Irons or Elliot Edwards, the policeman whom we find trapped under a door in Resident Evil 2, who were the last police officers of the Police Department who managed to stay alive before the events of Resident Evil 2 and 3. As well as David Ford, author of the first documents that we find in the RPD with Leon and Claire, in which the Fall of the Raccoon City Police Department.

All the protagonists of Resident Evil Outbreak

This was the fall of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 2, 3 and Outbreak 5

The 8 protagonists of Resident Evil Outbreak manage to join forces and leave the city before the collapse.

We also can’t forget about some notable people from Resident Evil Outbreak. Such is the case with Deputy Chief Raymond Douglas, who actively assisted the player in Resident Evil Outbreak by leading the evacuation of surviving civilians from the Police Station. Or Rita Phillips (Resident Evil Outbreak 2), partner of Leon S. Kennedy, as we verified in the dispatches, who became one of the few police officers who remained in the Police Station under Marvin’s orders and managed to survive the explosion of Raccoon City.

As you can see, the Resident Evil universe goes a long way and especially the Raccoon City Police Department, which we hope to see back in a new Capcom remake. What else would you like us to talk about the saga?