A few days before the end of 2019, the market analysis firm known as Counterpoint has revealed which were the best-selling phones of the year, demonstrating that the high-end range is being relegated from user preferences unless it is a question of A high range with an affordable or economical price.

The most surprising thing is that the best-selling phone of this year was also the best-selling in 2018, so it is not a model released this year, and the most surprising thing is that it is the only one that has managed to occupy a 3% international share, something that no other phone achieved this year.

Apple and the success of the iPhone XR

The iPhone is always going to be criticized for many things, but no one can deny that they are a bestseller, and Apple has shown this by placing its two most “cheap” phones on this list.

Apple and the success of the iPhone XR

And it is that according to Counterpoint, the iPhone XR has been the best selling phone of 2019 worldwide to obtain a 3% market share, all thanks to its price, which for now is the cheapest iPhone officially sold by Apple

However, in fifth place is the iPhone 11, a phone launched this year and also has a cheaper price compared to other iPhone, hence it has reached 1.6% market share.

Samsung found its small gold mine

On the other hand, Samsung was completely successful with the renewal of its A-series, as the second best-selling phone is nothing more and nothing less than the Galaxy A10, a low-mid-range economic team that is just attractive for its price.

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But the great work of Samsung does not end there, but two other of its series A phones launched this year are in the third and seventh position, indicating that the mid-range is preferred by most people throughout the world.

OPPO is the big surprise

OPPO is the Chinese revelation manufacturer this year, as the brand also has 3 phones in the top 10 sales of 2019, and occupies positions 4.6 and 8 with phones launched this year.

This was the best selling smartphone in the world, and is not from Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung

Like Samsung, OPPO has launched equipment with a very attractive price, although with a better cost/benefit ratio, in fact, the manufacturer has set itself the goal of improving the prices offered by competitors such as Xiaomi, and in 2020 the firm will start selling their phones officially in Mexico.

Huawei manages to sneak in

In addition to Apple, Huawei was the only brand that managed to put a high range on the list, however, this is because the commercial ban that prevented them from using Android “forced” them to significantly lower the price of many computers, and the P30 lowered its price a lot, to such an extent that it became an almost irresistible phone to buy.

We do not know if Huawei will continue betting on reducing the price of its next releases, but once again it is clear that high-end phones with very low prices or mid-range phones are the preferred choice of many users.