This viral TikTok video imagines what GTA NPCs would be like in real life

This viral TikTok video imagines what GTA NPCs would be like in real life

There is nothing more unpredictable than a GTA NPC.

GTA V, like the rest of the installments of the series in its day, can boast of having a realistic city that really feels alive. In part thanks to the NPCs and their reactions towards the player, a whole internet meme that now a TikTok user has decided to imitate in a funny video.

GTA NPCs are known for their nerves of steel, there may already be a chase with five police cars on the next street that are not even moved, but beware of walking down the street and coming across one head-on. Then, They take to looking at you and saying phrases that often sound like a threat. That is what this TikTok user parodies, those NPCs who are walking in a funny way down the street and dedicate a few words to you when they pass you by.

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Apart from those phrases that the NPCs say when passing by, the funniest thing, without a doubt, is when someone collides with you. At those times there are two possible reactions, or running off and yelling comically or punching each other, that after all this is GTA. Every day is an adventure in the life of an NPC.

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TikTok has become the ideal place to share all kinds of video game parodies, such as a user who imitated Resident Evil 2 (the one from 1998), with its fixed cameras, its clumsy animations, the police uniform and the ironed hair of Leon S. Kennedy. From GTA there are hundreds of TikToks imitating characters and all kinds of situations that triumph virally, Rockstar’s game is immensely popular on networks thanks to its community of players.

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