The iOS weather app.

The number 69 has always been associated with sexual connotations for obvious reasons that, we understand, it is not necessary to explain to any person who has two fingers in the forehead. And it could be that Apple did not want to use this number in its applications.

This is indicated by a new theory of apple fans that talks about Apple’s Weather application. According to them, citing The Verge, the application never indicates 69º –Farenheit, of course, since at 69º Celsius we would be dead– and instead shows 70º.

As you can see in the images that we attach below, a beta version of iOS 15 is running on the iPhone on the left and the Weather application shows a temperature of 69 degrees. On the other hand, the iPhone on the right is running iOS 14.6 and a temperature of 70º appears. Both devices use the same location (Upper Nyack).

Image | The Verge.

The possible interpretation that would explain everything

One of the possible reasons why the Weather app wouldn’t display the 69-degree figure would be because perhaps Apple is converting temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Doing so would result in numbers being rounded to another figure.

Assuming a city has a comfortable temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, converting to degrees Fahrenheit would cause the application to display 68 degrees. However, if the temperature were 21 degrees Celsius, the conversion would be 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the application would round the number to the figure of 70 degrees. And hence the misunderstanding. Or not, who knows. Apple may not want to display the number 69 in its Weather app.

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Another possible reason would be that there are a small bug in iOS 14.6 which causes the 69 degree temperature not to be displayed. But this is very unlikely, as it would be a very strange and too specific bug.