This Samsung 4K TV is reduced by almost 300 euros on Amazon

This Samsung 4K TV is reduced by almost 300 euros on Amazon


Have a 4K television it is almost a necessity. Not only to watch movies as if you were in the cinema, but for the graphics of the most realistic video games. The new generation consoles already support 4K resolution, so it is advisable to have a television that optimize the image. On Amazon there is an incredible offer for the Samsung QLED 4K TV for 479.90 euros. Has a difference of almost 300 euros compared to its original price, so it’s worth buying right now.

Its about 43-inch model Q60A, although it is available with other screen dimensions. Without discount, this TV really costs 769 euros, but you can take advantage 38% discount to save up to 289 euros. It is one of the cheapest models right now, but you can see what the best 4k tvs for gaming. With a screen of these characteristics you can enjoy the graphics of video games and have a cinematic experience complete in terms of image and sound.

The Samsung QLED 4K TV costs 479.90 euros

Samsung QLED 4K TV Dimensions

This TV has a powerful 4K processor that optimizes the quality of the image and sound of the content you are playing, regardless of the source of origin. uses technology QuantumHDR 10+ that brings out details and contrast to get the most out of the screen. Thanks to HDR10+, blacks are deeper and the brightest images.

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It also has an automatic mode low latency so that the games are more fluid and avoid lag problems. In that sense, it has a special menu for video games where you can configure the aspect ratio and thus have a more complete vision. In terms of design, this TV model has a ultra-thin screen and a very discreet and at the same time robust base.

In short, this TV offers a superior quality and now it can be yours for 479.90 euros. Thanks to the 38% discount, you can save 289 euros in total on this purchase and have a 4K resolution TV to play video games or watch movies as if you were in the cinema.

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