This realistic Deku Vigilante cosplay is almost better than the original

This realistic Deku Vigilante cosplay is almost better than the original

In the current My Hero Academia arc, we met the darker and lonely side of our hero Izuku Midoriya. In this part of his story, he takes on a different appearance in his Vigilante outfit, grows as a character, and has to face the consequences of the peace that All Might had brought. And thanks to this Rage Gear Props cosplay, we see what it would look like in real life.

In your account Instagram, Rage Gear Props shared his Izuku Midoriya cosplay that conveys all the power and fear that this hero felt at that time in his life, who has abandoned friends and family to face Tomura Shigaraki and All For One on his own.

Within his character, he gave this message: «Don’t bother looking, there’s no one here. Just go ahead and take care of yourself. I know your own answer«. Recommending the work of rebirth_photography, who was in charge of that session photo of this hero from My Hero Academia:

Fortunately for this hero, his work has been facilitated after the last confrontation between Tomura Shigaraki and Star & Stripe in themanga chapter 333 from My Hero Academia in which we saw how the most powerful heroine in the United States of America stopped her immense power with her New Order ability.

This heroine from My Hero Academia used her State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Inter – Continental Cruise Punch. And, although he seemed to have been evaded by Shigaraki, it was all part of this heroine’s plan that turned his situation around.

In My Hero Academia chapter 333, When Tomura Shigaraki begins to steal the gift of Star & Stripe, his body begins to react in unexpected ways. The heroine changed her New Order at the last minute: Now, her ability will reject all gifts. In this way, the heroine manages to fight all the gifts that the villain has stolen during his life.

my hero academia 333 shigaraki star stripe

In the final scenes of this chapter of My Hero Academia, Star & Stripe says goodbye to their ‘bros’, those military personnel who were always by their side. As she begins to be a victim of decay by Tomura Shigaraki when we have the information. Now, without gifts and with the New Order fighting him inside, this villain seems to be about to fall before the other heroes and the new power of Izuku Midoriya.

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tomura shigaraki ending

My Hero Academia is the work of Kohei Horikoshi and one of the franchises most loved by the international public, although it will have a small hiatus in October. In it we meet a world full of heroes and villains with unique abilities known as quirks, these are inherited from family to family.

However, there are cases like Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of this saga who does not have any of them. Fortunately, this young man will inherit one of the most powerful abilities known as the One For All.

His fate will be sealed from that moment and will lead him to face the most powerful villain in this world, Tomura Shigaraki, the possessor of All For One, the only ability that can be pitted against Midoriya’s power.

My Hero Academia Protagonists
My Hero Academia Protagonists

Now, if you are interested in keeping an eye on the current My Hero Academia arc, we recommend reading the most recent chapters through the Manga Plus service. There you can read it for free, both in English and Spanish, as you prefer.

The final arc of My Hero Academia

In this way, it seems that the long-awaited end of My Hero Academia will be postponed a bit longer. The reason why this fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki is so highly anticipated is because, unlike other action anime series, this will not be a one-on-one battle..

my hero academia 332

Kohei Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia, has shown us that the most important thing for the final combat will be all the heroes and heroines that have accompanied this protagonist throughout his adventure.

Thanks to Star & Stripe, will have a chance against this powerful villain and his All For One.