This pool with a minimalist design that can be installed without works will take your garden to another level

This pool with a minimalist design that can be installed without works will take your garden to another level

Summer is pool time. But you have to study the model, the available surface, and of course, the much-feared works. Now, Leroy Merlin has this beautiful pool that is installed without works. And that, without a doubt, is an advantage.

This aboveground pool with overflow It is available in several sizes, so that it can be perfectly adjusted to the available surface of your patio or garden. And you can install it as soon as it arrives at your house.

The pool is made with a white minimal design in polymeric material, it does not need a building license, and it does not need excavation or earth extraction. It just needs to be installed on a smooth, flat surface. It comes equipped with everything necessary to be ready and in service by simply connecting it to the electrical network, and to the plumbing and sanitation network if desired, since this is something optional.

It has a compensation tank, facilities room, mat and interior staircase. In addition, it includes interior and exterior lighting by led strip, so it looks spectacular at night. What it does not include are the ladder, table and bench modules with extra mat, which can be purchased separately.

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Three pool sizes without works

Swimming pool without works

The swimming pool without works by Leroy Merlin has several measures. The smallest is the Formentera pool, it measures 2.9×1.8×0.68 meters and costs 8,399 euros.

Formentera 2.9x1.8x0.68 m rectangular polymeric surface pool POOLINS

Formentera 2.9×1.8×0.68 m rectangular polymeric surface pool POOLINS

The intermediate size is called Ibiza, it has an average size of 3.95×2.2×0.68 m, and it costs 10,389 euros.

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Ibiza surface polymer pool 3.95x2.2x0.68 m rectangular POOLINS

Ibiza surface polymer pool 3.95×2.2×0.68 m rectangular POOLINS

The largest pool is called Mallorca, it measures 4.5×2.2×1.2 m, and it costs 15,399 euros.

Majorca swimming pool

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