this mod populates your minecraft world with amazing fantasy creatures

this mod populates your minecraft world with amazing fantasy creatures

While we can do everything we want in Minecraft, the truth is that there are always limitations. Of course, the possibility of build epic buildings like castles Colossal depends solely on our ability to place blocks, but a spark of life is missing.

That spark is the work of modders, who offer a multitude of possibilities to shape our world. And every castle must be accompanied by dragons. This is the work of Ice and fire, the mod created by Raptorfarian and Alexthe666, which offers a spectacular bestiary and that you can download through this link.

For hundreds of years, dragons have roamed the lands of the known world. They are not simply pests and threats, but the main cause of the loss of many lives. Only a brave few can kill a dragon. Even less can tame one.

So reads the description of this mod that includes creatures as mythological as legendary: dragons, hippogriffs, goblins, cyclops, gorgons and many more. It is in the first being that the pair of modders have focused, with different functions and types.

There are up to three races, centered on such important elements as ice, fire, and lightning. Each one has a different behavior, although they are generally aggressive. All of them reproduce once they reach adulthood and also you can hunt and tame them.

There are also dragon armor and caves where you can fight against them and get hold of succulent booties. Another interesting objective is to fill the entire bestiary, to which more creatures will be added to the mod.

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