This Merchandise Reveals Marvel Characters

This Merchandise Reveals Marvel Characters

After announcing a new merchandising of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we have been able to see new characters

On May 6, the new film by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and we still don’t know for sure who’s going to show up. Thanks to small pills, we have been able to know that there are going to be characters that have not been talked about anywhere. As we already reported in Cinemascomics, there is merchandising that has advanced characters and possible plots of the film.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It will tell us what happened after Doctor Strange made the spell so that the world would forget who Spiderman is. This spell, together with the plot that takes place in the webslinger movie, will bring us several characters from other sagas and adaptations to the UCM.

It should be emphasized that the UCM is a specialist in this type of thing and practically everything it does is as if it were the “goose that lays the golden eggs”. The strange thing is that so many things about the film or data as relevant as it is happening thanks to merchandising are anticipated.

This account has advanced two characters that we had not seen anything about and we will not know what role they will have during the film. The Defender Strange and the Supreme Strange They are characters we haven’t seen before. East Supreme Strange is very different from Strange Supreme that we could see fight normal Doctor Strange in the super bowl trailer.

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We can look at how the variants worked in Spiderman No Way Home and that they really were different people playing the same character. In this case we do not know how the fact that it is Benedict Cumberbatch will work when interpreting different characters.

Until next May 6th, will we see more merchandising that characters advance us?