Today Razer, the high-end peripherals company has introduced two new products: The Kaira Pro White and the Razer Wolverine V2 WHITE. Two revisions of their products for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in a stunning – and beautiful – white color.

We have already told you about the Kaira Pro in our review of the product and the great Razer Wolverine V2, a command that as we told you in our review gives a leap in quality in terms of component quality and ergonomics. As you well know, the new generation should not only be accompanied by new consoles and games, but also by a whole environment of accessories that accompany them in order to fully enjoy the experience.

Since we have been thoroughly enjoying the new Kaira Pro for several weeks, we bring you some high-quality photo galleries so that you can enjoy all the details of this beautiful headset. If you have a white Xbox like an Xbox Series S, do not hesitate a single second to buy it, as it is the ideal complement for her.

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Gallery: This is what the new Razer Kaira Pro WHITE looks like for Xbox

Photography: Sara court

What do you think? Without a doubt, the white color suits an already elegant and high-quality headset very well. If you like it, are already available on Amazon for purchase

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