MagSafe battery in iPhone 12.

A few days ago, Apple launched the MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 line of mobile phones. A wireless battery that attaches to the back of devices thanks to technology MagSafe that the apple firm implemented in the latest generation of smartphones.

Apple MagSafe Battery is available on the official Apple website for 109 euros, although the collection option in the Apple Store is not yet enabled.

Now one lucky user of Reddit has had the possibility of purchasing an Apple MagSafe Battery and wanted to share with the community the first photographs accessory. This is the new portable battery for iPhone 12.

First pictures of Apple’s MagSafe Battery

MagSafe battery.

A user named “stevnrussell” has shared some pictures of the MagSafe battery attached to his iPhone 12 case. In addition, Steven Russell also shared his opinion and impressions about certain features of the accessory.

Steven commented that Apple’s MagSafe Battery is made with a hard plastic that is soft to the touch, although at first I assumed that it would be silicone to better fit the device. In reference to that issue, he assured that the magnets of the accessory have a very high magnetism. Finally, it indicated that the MagSafe Battery works like a charm with its silicone sleeve and that they made “a perfect match.”

MagSafe Battery for iPhone 12 makes the device take very different dimensions, obviously thicker. Still the handling of the device while charging, according to this user, is still good. As Steven Russell reported, “The rounded edges feel a little more pleasant in the hand when you hold it.” What do you think of Apple’s new portable battery?

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