This is what the actors of ‘Yo soy Betty la fea’ currently look like

This is what the actors of ‘Yo soy Betty la fea’ currently look like

Whether because of the plot or because of the characteristics of its characters, there are such successful television productions that they mark an entire generation and give way to other countries making their own version.

Without a doubt, one of the most famous Colombian soap operas worldwide is I am Betty the Ugly one, which was one of the most awarded and the first to reach more than 182 nations in more than 25 languages.

Recently, the 1999 telenovela became fashionable on social networks due to its launch on a streaming platform. streaming, where it was placed in the first places for several weeks and brought it back to open television in both Mexico and Colombia.

Betty’s return fills us with nostalgia, so here we leave you what part of the cast of the novel looks like more than 20 years after its television premiere.

comparative image of the actress Ana María Orozco in her character of Betty la fea

After her participation as Beatriz “Betty” Pinzón Solano in the soap opera, she went to live in Argentina for family reasons. Currently, at 47 years old, she is the mother of two girls and recently returned to the world of acting by participating in some plays.

Comparative image of the actor Jorge Enrique Abello in his character of Don Armando in the novel Betty la Fea

He stole the hearts of many by playing the handsome Don Armando Mendoza. At 51, he continues his career working on different productions that have led him to participate in the Nickelodeon series icarly. In addition, in 2017 he was part of Betty in New York.

comparative image of the actress Natalia Ramírez in her character of Marcia Valencia in Betty la fea

She was in charge of playing the role of Marcela Valencia, Betty’s number one enemy. In addition to acting, Natalia is also dedicated to music and is currently very active on her networks, where she shares her life and memories left by the novel that made her famous.

Comparative photo of actor Ricardo Vélez in his character as Mario Calderón in Betty la fea

He starred as the hated Mario Calderón, one of the characters least loved by the public. At 57 years old, Ricardo has participated in various television programs that have led him to work on projects in London, Spain and Colombia.

Comparative image of Lorna Cepeda in her character as Patricia Fernández in Betty la fea

She personified Patricia Fernández, the villain most loved by the audience. After her participation as the secretary who made Betty’s life impossible, she continued in the artistic medium. However, in 2016 he had to retire after being diagnosed with a cancerous mole and other health problems.

Mario duarte next to the photo of his character Nicolás Mora in Betty la fea

He was in charge of giving life to Betty’s adorable and tender best friend, Nicolás Mora. Before this production, Mario was already famous in the world of music, so years after his participation in the soap opera he decided to leave acting to focus entirely on his band.

Actor Luis Meza next to a photo of his character as Daniel Valencia in Betty la fea

He played the role of the womanizer Daniel Valencia. After the series, Mesa has continued her acting career in small roles for series on different platforms. streaming.

Adriana Franco in comparative image with her character of Julia Pinzón in Betty la fea

At 44 years old, she was in charge of interpreting Julia Solano de Pinzón, the mother of the protagonist. Currently she is still active in her career on television and in different plays in Colombia.

Actor Jorge Herrera in comparison with his character as Hermes Pinzón in Betty la fea

Herrera gave life to Don Hermes Pinzón, Betty’s father. Currently, at 70 years old, he is considered one of the best actors for his career and for being part of important productions.

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Stefanía Gómez in comparison with her character of Aura María in I am Betty la fea

Best known as the sexy EcoModa receptionist Aura María Fuentes. Gómez continues with her acting career and has participated in major productions such as The Capo Y Without breasts there is paradise.

Julian Aragón in his character as Hugo Lombardi

Arango played EcoModa designer Hugo Lombardi, one of the most controversial and hated characters. After the success in Ugly Betty, came his participation as leader of the Norte del Valle Cartel in the series narcs on netflix.

Marcela Posada in comparison with her character of Sandra in Betty la fea

She was commissioned to interpret Sandra Patiño, who was part of the ugly barracks. At 48, she continues to act in productions for Colombian television, although she thought about retiring from acting in order to run for the Senate of her country to protect women’s rights. However, not having the necessary votes, he decided to return to show business.

María Eugenia Arboleda in her role as Mariana in Betty La Fea

He gave life to Mariana Valdés, another of the members of the ugly barracks. She retired from acting to marry Bob King, a nuclear engineer, but years later she resumed her career and now writes, directs and produces.

Actress Luces Velázquez in her character as berta in the novel Betty la fea

The actress played Berta González and since her participation in the novel, she has not left her acting career. Velásquez has had participations in important productions, such as Without breasts there is paradise, Escobar, the patron of evil, Without boobs there is no paradise, among other.

Actress Dora Cadavid in comparison with her character as inesita in the soap opera Betty la Fea

The first Colombian actress filled us with tenderness by embodying Doña Inés. At 82 years old, he has an artistic career of 60 years, in which he has played many characters on theater and television, but the most remembered is the one he brought to life in I am Betty the Ugly one.

Actress paula peña in comparison with her character of sofia lopez in ugly betty

She played Sofía López, Betty’s friend who was going through a divorce. Another of the roles for which she is remembered is that of Renata de Vargas in the Colombian comedy series let’s stop pods, a character for which she won an India Catalina Award in the category of Best Leading Actress. At 64, she is a Colombian actress with a long history.

Actor Julio César Herrera in comparison with his character of Freddy Contreras in the novel Betty la fea

He was the only man who was part of the ugly barracks, Freedy Stewart Contreras. In addition, he is the character who stole everyone’s heart for his phrases as unique as the famous “Forgive me, but excuse me.” His role in this soap opera brought him to fame and helped him land bigger roles in his career in productions like Miss Barbara Y Chichipatos, a comedy series on Netflix. At 52, he is very active on social media, where he posts photos with various artists from the cast of Ugly Bettywith whom he is closest.

Colombian actor León Jaramillo in comparison with his character of Saúl Gutierrez in the novel Betty la Fea

Better known as Saúl Gutiérrez, the administrative vice president of EcoModa, who showed in a comical way the harassment of the company’s models. In addition, the actor lent his voice for the series Betty Toons, the animated version of Ugly Betty. Nowadays, we can see him on TikTok and Instagram, where he uploads comedy videos. He still maintains a relationship with other actors from the cast of the novel, so it is common to see photos with them on their networks.