This is what Juan Gabriel’s jersey from FC Juárez looks like

This is what Juan Gabriel’s jersey from FC Juárez looks like

Through a virtual presentation, the president of the Board of Directors of FC Juárez, Alejandra de la Vega, spoke about the values ​​and inspiration that the legacy of Juan Gabriel provokes in the population of Juarez.

So with a joint association of FC Juárez; The Sporelli brand; Guillermo Pous, legal representative of the Juan Gabriel brand; TUDN, resulted in this shirt.

The shirt bears a Juan Gabriel signature and designs that recall the face of the ‘divo’ from Juárez.

The jersey is inspired by Juan Gabriel’s iconic wardrobe in the first recital he offered at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City in May 1990. The black jacket with gold details is reminiscent of the black jersey with gold details. .

This collector’s edition is available at the club’s Bravo Stores in Ciudad Juárez, as well as in the virtual store through its official website , also in the TUDN Shop option at a price of 2 thousand 99 pesos.

The directive of the border institution seeks to create a positive reference for the followers of the squad commanded by Tuca Ferretti and create a multiplier effect with the young people.