This is what Joan Sebastian’s tattoos would sound like if it were a ska song

This is what Joan Sebastian’s tattoos would sound like if it were a ska song

The song ‘Tattoos’ by Joan Sebastian has marked a milestone in all generations of Spanish-speaking musicians, which is why this musician has decided to fulfill the dreams of fans and make his own ska version.

This joins the dynamic implemented by various content creators on TikTok, YouTube and other social networks to reinterpret an existing work or product.

Social networks and their impact

Social media has become a staple for virtually any content creator. The growth of this field has made networks such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitch are increasingly used.

It has been reported that, at present, there are about five billion people connected to the Internet. Of course, from social networks, Facebook it is the one that leads the market with just over three billion registered users so far.

Likewise, We Are Social, hoot-suite Y data report reveal in a study that Mexico is considered in 2022 the second country in Latin America that registers the most internet users per day, with 96 million being the official number.

Added to this, TikTok has started to figure in several countries, to such an extent that, in 2021, the platform created by ByteDance has already exceeded one billion active users in just five years since its foundation.

On the other hand, Twitch, which is also one of the new social networks, has been so successful that at the beginning of 2021, the hours viewed on the platform of Twitter doubled the numbers for YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming combined.

All this has made different musicians and content creators decide to take advantage of the media momentum of the networks. In this way, it is much more effective to promote art for free than to do as before.

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This is what Joan Sebastian’s ‘Tattoos’ would sound like if it were a ska song

This artist is the example of how hard work, in tandem with social media, it can be a success. According to the musician baby adventurer, your project was stalled 10 months ago. However, after an idea popped into his head, his following began to grow.

The content creator thought of covering songs steeped in popular culture towards the ska genre. This caused him to begin to be recognized more and more by his followers.

with songs from Christian Nodal, Marco Antonio Solís, Ed Maverick, Bacilos and more, the musician has triumphed. As he demonstrates, in a matter of 10 months he went from having less than 3,000 followers to more than 400,000.

As if that were not enough, he has managed to return to the stage and began to be considered by event organizers, playing alongside great ska and rock bands such as Inspector, Los Daniels, El Tri, Comisario Pantera and more.

@babyventurero Official schedules of the first festival in which I am announced :3 #fyñ #viral ♬ I Marked You Fart – Alex Luna & DAAZ

In one of his most recent videos, the musician presented a ska version of the song ‘Tattoos’ by the renowned singer-songwriter, Joan Sebastian.

@babyventurero @babyventurero #fypシ #fyp Do a duet with the hashtag #TattoosReggae ♬ original sound – Warrior Angel

The project has gained so much traction that it continually receives supportive comments from its fans. This has earned him the promotion for events and the recognition of musicians on the scene. At the same time, it recognizes the impact that Mexican artists have had on other musical genres.

“I want to be labeled when you have the duo, my respects”, miguemiguel

“Incredible, breaking it like always”, Diana Rebollar

“What we were waiting for. I’m going to upload my duet with guitar”, Victor Garcia

“Hi bro. Waiting for that roll to come out. Greetings and blessings”, ᴳ᭄̰ꑄαɳƚყ°乡

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