This is what it’s like to work at the Adidas headquarters in Amsterdam

This is what it’s like to work at the Adidas headquarters in Amsterdam

Social networks, especially TikTok, have become the best tool for people to communicate any situation or even knowledge they want to make known. This is the case of a tiktoker who shared the experience of working in the Adidas corporate offices in Amsterdam.

The videos on this social network about the working conditions of the world’s large companies have become a trend on these platforms, since today people want to know how is the work experience of employees of brands such as Nike, Facebook, Google, Amazon, among others.

Adidas is one of the most iconic and emblematic sports brands in the world, that is why working for them can be a dream for many people. According to data from Statista, in 2021, the staff of the Adidas Group consisted of approximately 61,400 employees worldwide.

This data represented a decrease of more than 800 people with respect to the number of workers registered during the previous year.

What is it like to work at Adidas in Amsterdam?

A tiktoker identified as @TravelhundMx shared a recording where he showed what it is like to work in the corporate of Adidas in the Netherlands, showing the good working environment in the company.

In the recording that already reaches more than 12 thousand likes, the Internet user shows images of the brand’s building in the city of Amsterdam where you can see how they receive their collaborators every day with signs welcoming them.

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Likewise, the TikTok user shows that on that occasion ice cream day was celebrated, so the company hired a person to serve them this dessert as well as a cup of coffee with the face of each of their staff, all this for “free”.

The employees of the brand can also enjoy various activations that they carry out daily in order to win exclusive products from the sports firm. As they also have access to tickets and exclusive seats to go see the Ajax soccer team.

“There is a gym and the time to train counts as working hours”, says the tiktoker while also showing his training in the corporate offices.

@travelhundmx This is what it’s like to work at adidas Amsterdam #netherlands #Netherlands #Europe #bts @adidas ♬ Witchcraft – ur/gf

Let us remember that the German firm is present practically all over the world, so its working conditions are the most appropriate. According to information from the Adidas brand, it is looking for applicants who feel close for the world of sports, who want to work as a team, know the brand and have a feeling with it.

This video shows how important it is for companies to have good working conditions, which is why it has become a trend on social networks to share this type of information, as also happened with an Internet user who shared what it is like to work at Amazon.

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