This is what an MGS remake would look like in Unreal Engine 5

This is what an MGS remake would look like in Unreal Engine 5

The Unreal Engine 5 is one of the preferred tools of indie developers today. During the last months we have seen several projects with great potential created with this engine. Alongside all the original ideas, there’s also a huge trend to reimagine classic titles in this modern visual style. It is so metal gear solid has joined this group with a couple of amazing works.

Just An Idea Studio’s YouTube channel recently shared a video showing us what would the original look like metal gear solid with Unreal Engine 5. Without a doubt, this is a magnificent piece of work, as one of the most iconic opening sequences in this medium has been given new life.

Alongside this, Erasmus Brosdau, CEO of Black Amber Digital, shared a similar work, but focused on the sequel.

These types of projects make it clear that fans have not forgotten the work of Hideo Kojima. However, for the moment Konami seems to have no intention of doing anything new related to this property., which has caused this type of fan-made projects to become popular.

On related topics, Konami made a lot of money from its Castlevania NFT auction.


Editor’s Note:

At the rate things are going, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think of Konami holding an auction for Metal Gear Solid NFTs, and considering how desperate the community is, this will probably be a bigger success than what we’ve seen recently with Castlevania.

Via: Just An Idea Studio