Despite having few episodes and seasons, My hero academia It is one of the most popular anime of the moment. With only 4 seasons he has achieved capture the attention of hundreds of viewers and this is thanks to his fantastic story arc.

Among so many characters, one of the most popular is the All Might Academy teacher, and this time we have seen how a fan has made an amazing divided illustration of the character.

All Might, the new member of the Avengers

In the image you can see a drawing that has been published by the digital artist and illustrator boxofficeartist, in which it shows the fearsome All Might in two parts. In the first left side it shows All Might with the characteristic anime style.

The new member of the Avengers All Might
The Avengers have a new member taken from My Hero Academia

While the second illustration faithfully complies with the design, both in colors and in the uniform, however, the lines of the drawing and shading are classics of a comic.

Which version do you find the most interesting?

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