Recently, social networks set fire to the new image of Brendan fraser. The gallant of The Mummy He is older, which is logical, but also with many more kilos. Faced with the criticism, which would have been unfair whatever the reason for his change in physique, many followers excused him, explaining that he had to give this turn to his appearance to fully immerse himself in his next role. And he is not the first person to do so. Get fat or lose weight for a movie It is something that many actors have had to go through for work.

Some have done so with the advice of nutritionists and sports trainers. Others, on the other hand, have been guided by effective tricks, but very dangerous. In reality, such sudden changes in weight are dangerous, no matter how they are done, but they are even more so if they do not have the monitoring of an expert.

Therefore, in Hypertextual we have contacted the dietician-nutritionist Marta Badger, who has told us how losing weight can affect someone for a movie. Or get fat, of course.

The case of Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser had been away from screens and red carpets for a while. Therefore, his reappearance in the tribeca festival attracted the attention of many followers, who were shocked with his new image.

However, it soon became known that this change is due precisely to his return to the cinema, as he has had to gain weight at a forced pace to play a 270-kilogram man. It will be the starring role of The Whale, a film by Darren Aronofsky that will deal precisely with the hard daily life of people with morbid obesity. Logically the protagonist of The Mummy Y George of the Jungle He has not had to reach that weight, but he did have a much higher weight than the one he had maintained until now.

Apparently it has under the advice of nutritionists. This is very important for actors who must gain or lose weight for a movie. But even so it is still something delicate, which could leave some kind of sequel in the future.

The dangers of getting fat or losing weight for a movie

Both gaining weight and losing weight for a movie is dangerous, because there must be a very rapid weight change over time.

If it is not done with the advice of professionals, you can resort to unhealthy foods, which will give quick results

“Rapid changes in our fat and muscle mass have long-term repercussions”, Marta Tejón tells us. “We know that there are many actors and actresses who have changed weight quickly to get into their character, but this takes a long-term negative metabolic impact. In the case that it is carried out to face an obese character, a rapid growth of body fat is carried out and, in many cases, generating caloric surplus with unhealthy foods because it is easier than doing it with healthy food ”. This also helps them avoid having to hire a professional, as results are easily obtained. The problem, as the nutritionist tells us, is that “a cocktail Molotov for disaster ”.

“Dietitians-nutritionists know that fat cells (adipocytes) are not destroyed, they are simply emptied. Therefore, a person who has created more fat tissue later has a greater risk of filling it up again. In addition, if the food is not healthy, we will have all the damage of abuse of sugars and saturated fats”.

Marta Tejón, dietician-nutritionist

If you don’t have their help, you can turn to the other side of miracle diets. Miraculous tricks for get fat quickly, without effort, whose results are not healthy at all. But what do those who do seek the advice of nutritionists do? “In relation to weight gain, the actors who have involved professionals have resorted to diets of 4,000-5,000 kcal with supplementation shakes with low physical activity to increase body fat,” says Tejón. “In the cases in which it has been wanted to increase the weight by making the actor strong, it has also been done with diets high in calories, but combined with a high physical activity”. It all depends on the type of character you are going to play.

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The difficult return to ‘normality’

In the case of those who gained weight, if for that they had to significantly increase their calorie consumption, to return to their weight they should restrict them. “Many of them go back to their Healthy habits, so they usually lose it without much help ”, clarifies the nutritionist consulted by this means. “The time will depend on whether the actor or actress combines it with physical activity. This is what the majority do, although some have resorted to liposculpture or liposuction “.

As for the time it takes, he explains that “normally it takes longer to lose the weight than to gain it, because the rise had a deadline to start rolling, so the subsequent weight loss is not done by including so many times.” And that, logically, will be healthier, because the big problem is always speed.

Finally, those who had to lose weight for a movie afterwards should be careful with the Feedback syndrome. This is a condition consisting of a series of metabolic disturbances that would occur if nutritional support were abruptly reintroduced to patients with severe malnutrition. Therefore, you should return to normal food little by little.

Jared Leto in ‘Chapter 27’

It’s easier? Get fat or lose weight for a movie?

In addition to Brendan Fraser, there are many actors who had to gain weight to play their characters. It is striking, for example, the case of Jared Leto, who had to gain 20 kilos to play the murderer of John Lennon in the film Chapter 27. His case was especially peculiar; Well, being a vegetarian, you could not use animal protein to gain weight. Therefore, he opted for a very unhealthy diet, based on pizza, soda and beer.

Christian Bale and Tom Hanks are two examples of actors who had to lose weight for a movie

As for those who had to lose weight for a movie, cases such as that of Tom Hanks on Castaway or Christian bale on The Machinist. The former not only had to cut their caloric intake drastically. He also performed intense aerobic exercise for months, biking two hours a day for 6 days a week.

Christian Bale, meanwhile, lost 7 kilos per month, with a diet of only 250 kcal. He did it with a medical follow-up; but even so, Marta Tejón tells us that “she lost a large amount of muscle mass, something that may have very negative effects on cardiovascular and bone health”.

But who had it more difficult to achieve their goals and then return to their previous weight? Each case is unique. However, broadly speaking, the nutritionist believes that “losing weight is easier at the level of intake, although you have to think that the actor or actress must be very motivated to this, because it can generate psychological alterations due to the severe restriction of food ”. Also, “in the short term, losing weight quickly can be dangerous because of the Feedback syndrome, although it will also have long-term effects on bone health. In the case of rapid weight gain, the effects will be long-term and will consist, for example, of an increased risk of weight regain and type 2 diabetes”.

In short, getting into a role a lot is one of the biggest risks in the acting profession. The character can absorb them so much that returning to his old life becomes a challenge. Especially if reaching him has meant a change in weight.

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