Call waiting user interface.

It is true that Apple’s software engineers strive to polish, improve and perfect the small details of the iOS and iPadOS user interface year after year to such an extent that their elegance and minimalism make even the most demanding iPhone users fall in love. and iPad. The concept of visual aesthetics, attention to detail, order and clarity that Apple applies to its software is worthy of praise. However, when the company does things wrong … it must also be said.

There is something that Apple has not done anything right in the user interface of its iOS operating system for iPhone. We are talking about call waiting button layout. It just doesn’t work. And if keeping a call on hold, hanging up the main call and answering it again is a real headache, imagine if the user interface is not well suited for it.

A tweet from a user named @videojame_ has brought the debate to light, this is probably the worst iOS element design in all of Apple’s history. The tweet went viral, and now people can’t stop talking about it. Let’s delve into the matter.

There are flaws in the iOS call waiting interface design

Let’s first focus on the problem at hand. When an iOS user receives a second call while on a primary call, these buttons appear on their iPhone screen:

“The trashiest design ever made.”

In the user interface we see three buttons that allow users to interact with the second incoming call: a button to hang up the current call and accept (left), a button to reject the call (center), and a button to accept the call and hold it (right).

The tweet went viral in a matter of hours, reaching a whopping 325,000 likes and around 26,000 retweets, plus 1,300 comments debating about it. In the words of this Twitter user – and he is not without reason – the design of this user interface is confusing and confusing. But not only that, but also its operation leads to many errors.

“No matter which button you press, whatever you’re doing will still fuck *****.”

After his words, the debate on the design of the user interface of the multi-calls has started to rage on Twitter. Some users are surprised that someone finds such a confusing design and urge others to simply read the functions to accept, hang up or hold the incoming call.

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Others share the opinion of @videojame_ and implore Apple to fix the design of call waiting for people who find it confusing and for less advanced users.

A possible solution to such gibberish?

As indicated from BGR there are several solutions that would correct the problem with astonishing ease. A tweet by a user named Yanky Perl demonstrates how Apple’s software engineers could perfectly have opted for a much simpler, and if you will allow me, even more “minimalist” solution.

The solution would simply consist of simplify button layout to reject, hold and accept calls. You just have to eliminate the concept of “double button” and offer a design as clear as the one you will see below. The image on the left shows a screenshot of the current design, while the image on the right provides a solution to the problem.

Additionally, the same user provided another option (somewhat more complex) to solve the problem with the design of the user interface of iOS calls waiting.

“Exploring another idea, to show the relationship between the two calls that offers more clarity on how a user can proceed before the second call is redirected to voicemail.”

Fortunately, this is a rare exception in the fabulous design of iOS software. Normally Apple offers a lot of design choices more intuitive and elegantIn fact, the iPhone operating system is popularly characterized by being very easy to use. What do you think about this matter of calls waiting?