Home Gaming This is the truth behind the mysterious scars on Tanjiro’s face

This is the truth behind the mysterious scars on Tanjiro’s face

This is the truth behind the mysterious scars on Tanjiro’s face

You will be amazed at all the powers that Tanjiro could develop.

Kimetsu no Yaiba has revealed surprising information about the famous scar on Tanjiro Kamado’s forehead. Although fans have seen Tanjiro face multiple battles with various of his enemies throughout the anime, they have also seen the marks of the blows he received in each of these. Hence the famous scar that he wears on his forehead, or at least we believed so until then. But it seems that the mark on his forehead has a greater meaning That could be related to a much more important event, if we stick to a joke that was in the last episode and that was the one that made us realize that there was something behind the history of this brand.

This is how they have revealed this truth about Tanjiro

It was at the beginning of the Entertainment District arc that Tanjiro began to learn more about the Hinokami Kagura from Kyojuro Rengoku’s family; however, after this learning discovered that there was actually a secret breathing style (known as “Breath of the Sun”) which, in fact, is linked to his family’s past. There was already an important connection between these events and the discovery, because of the earrings that Tanjiro carried out on the arch. But the last episode of the series, delves even more into the mystery of the scar by pointing out how those who have a birthmark on their foreheads, in this case Tanjiro, are genetically linked to the techniques of Breathing the Sun.

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Also in episode 6 of Demon Slayer: Entertainment District, we can see how Kyojuro’s father approaches Tanjiro while reflecting on their first meeting in the last months after the end of the Mugen Train arc. Ensures that Tanjiro has great power in his hands, since those who have marks with which Tanjiro wears on his forehead, have been chosen by the Breath of the Sun style. However, Tanjiro lets Kyojuro’s father know that he was not actually born with this mark, but an accident where he was burned years before and an injury during the initial entrance exam were the reasons why the mark was made.

Due to this confusion, Tanjiro is sure that he will not be able to harness the full power of Hinokami Kagura and Solar Breath because he is not exactly a “chosen one”, but this makes us wonder how far his full potential can go and in what way. will take advantage. Although if this power is already in the genes of his family, there is a possibility that Tanjiro can access it. Due to the fact that he still does not know how to develop these abilities, the fact of having them has led to a rather dangerous episode, since in the last episode he also discovered a new explosive power, so now we can imagine what kind of powers it can develop.

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