Not long ago we learned of the viral case of an influencer who sold her farts for a thousand dollars; now, the consequences appear to be dire.

Her name is Stephanie Matto, she is 31 years old and lives in the United States, and her case has attracted so much attention that the news even reached several countries in the world due to the particular way in which she sold her “product.”

We live in an era dominated by social media; dominated by sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, especially the latter two, which are the ones that have monopolized the majority of the youth audience.

Every day, at all hours, content of all kinds and for different types of audiences are uploaded, but there is something in common between all of them: their relationship with the audiences.

However, there are contents that, no matter how “funny” or “original” they may seem, can generate significant discomfort, and this is what has happened with the model and influencer Stephanie matto.

As we already mentioned, the tiktoker had the idea to put her farts in a jar and sell them in the amount of thousand dollars. Her “business” began in November and, for the holidays, she launched a 50 percent discount, a strategy that led her to earn more than $ 200,000.

In one week, the influencer reportedly got around 50 farts, which led her to eat a high-fiber diet, living on beans and eggs, as well as adding protein shakes in order to make her farts smelled worse.


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When it seemed that her “business” was beginning to prosper, Stephanie Matto was taken to the hospital with some shooting pains in her chest.

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At first, as has become known, he thought it was a heart attack or even a stroke; However, after an analysis of the doctors, the reason why he suffered these pains was the excess of gases in his diet, which he mixed with banana protein shakes.

“I realized that something was not right that night, when I was lying in bed and I could feel a Pressure In my stomach moving up I ended up going to hospital that night. I did not tell my doctors about the flatulence in the bottle, but I did tell them about my diet, “said the influencer in an interview for a local medium.

In the end, it seems that his business is finished, as the doctors have recommended a drug suppressant of gases and, in addition, a change in your diet.

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