this is the story of how running was invented

this is the story of how running was invented

Running is a physical activity that has gained a lot of prominence after the pandemic. Many people used this physical activity, in part, as an excuse to get out of their houses. Currently, a large percentage of these people continue with running due to the great benefits it has brought to their lives.

Although many of you are big fans of running, do you know where it comes from? We explain it to you in this article.

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What benefits does running bring us?

First of all, from Vitónica we want to tell you about the great benefits of running. If you are not a big fan of running, probably, with what we tell you next, you may change your mind.

Helps lose body fat

One of the main goals of people is to improve the appearance of the body. Running is a sport that burns a lot of calories. per unit of time and since it is demanding, if we run 3 or 4 times a week and accompany it with strength training, we will greatly improve our fitness and body composition.

Obviously, This always has to be accompanied by a good diet.. Even so, that does not mean that, even including small weekly whims, our physique will improve significantly if we stick to this exercise.


Improve cardiovascular function

One of the best predictors of all-cause mortality is grip strength and cardiovascular fitness. Running improves our cardiovascular capacity, improving parameters such as blood pressure, respiratory capacity and more. So, if we stick to physical activity, we extend the number of years, and more importantly, its quality.

Mood Enhancement

Today, people experience increased stress and anxiety; especially because of the problem we have with the coronavirus at the moment. There is no doubt that he has left his mark on a psychological level.

We all self-medicate in one way or another to anesthetize the aversive states of everyday life. Some people self-medicate in a negative way through alcohol, tobacco, overeating, etc., while others self-medicate going to the gym, reading or running.

Improved rest

Many of the problems that exist when people do not rest well or do not sleep well are due to the aforementioned increased stress and anxiety.

If through physical activity you manage to anesthetize those bad moments, of course your rest will improve a lot, and as a consequence, you will be more efficient in your day to day, Your self-esteem will increase and you will be happier.

Reduces the risk of injury

Interestingly, physical activity greatly reduces the risk of injury. You must know many people who have been injured while doing some type of non-athletic activity. Or else what have suffered from pain in the back, ankles, shoulders, etc.

Sports activities like running improve muscle mass, tendon health, joint health, and more, greatly reducing the chance of injury.

However, it is clear that you have to be careful when doing physical exerciseso it is very important to do things with a head and when we run, perform the technique correctly.

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When was running invented?

Running comes from many years ago when we lived in hunter-gatherer societies and we had to resort to this physical activity, especially to hunt.

If we go back not so far back, we see that in ancient Greece, where the gods were the center of attention, the Olympic Games were invented more than 2,500 years ago. One of the tests was to perform a sprint from one end of the stadium to the other.

Regarding the invention of running there are many currents of thought. In other words, there are many opinions about when it was invented and it is very difficult to know the exact date. Nonetheless, We are going to comment on two stories that have a lot to do with his invention.

1972 Olympics

One of the stories that seems to have been the one who “invented” running was this one that we are going to tell next.

The 1972 Olympics were held in the German city of Munich, and September 10 was the day of the marathon. Among them, there were a lot of big competitors, as it was the winner of that marathon, Frank Shorter. The start and finish line of that marathon was the Olympic Games stadium itself.

After more than two hours of marathon, Frank Shorter was going to enter the stadium to finish his race, being in first position. Despite this, he saw that another person was going to enter before him. He was stunned as he was totally convinced that no one had managed to overtake him in the last few kilometres.

That person who entered was Norbert Sudhausa German student who apparently entered the stadium solely to play a bad joke. Eric Segal, commentator for ABC, said to fire Norbert, because he was an impostor and who had actually won the Munich marathon with a mark of 2:12:19, it had been Frank Shorter.

It seems that at that moment, the history of athletics in the United States changed and many people began to practice running. In fact, many magazines began to describe Frank Shorter as the man who had invented running.


Bill Bowerman, one of the founders of Nike

It is difficult today, if not to know Bill Bowerman, not to know the prestigious Nike brand.

One of the stories told about when running was invented dates back to when Bill Bowerman, who was a coach at the University of Oregon, visited New Zealand in 1962.

in new zealand you were invited to jog with a group without having a competitive goal. There she saw many elderly people who jogged and were in iron health.

When he returned to the USin addition to founding his jogging club, in 1967 published his book “jogging”which became very famous and It made it fashionable to go running for health and not as something competitive.

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