Tonight, reality show fans have an appointment with ‘La Último Tentación’, the first international sequel to ‘The Island of Temptations’ that Telecinco premieres this September 15 at 22:00. A program in which five of the couples will meet of the program again at the luxury resorts in the Dominican Republic.

The premise and dynamics

The premise is simple: return to the luxury resort with your current partners to try to discern if they made the right decision at the time. A) Yes, five of them will go to live in Villa Playa with their respective temptations while their partners will be in Villa Mona, from where they can see and hear what happens at the bonfires.

Lut Andrea And Roberto

In addition to the dynamics and games already known, this program will introduce the Circles of Fire, face-to-face meetings in which in a limited time they will have to make important decisions about their future.

The host

Once again, since he took the reins in season 2 of ‘The island of temptations’ as a substitute for Mónica Naranjo, she will be Sandra Barneda the one in charge of leading not only the main program, but also the debate.


Lut Cristofer And Fani

We arrived at the salsa: the leading couples of the first edition of ‘The Last Temptation’ are Fani and Christopher, perhaps those that have obtained more revenue in their passage through the first edition; Andrea, who participated as a couple in the first edition and as single in the second of ‘La isla’ and comes with her current partner, Robert; Lester and Patri (T2), Mayka (T2) and Alexander; and Lucia and Isaac (T3).

Once received on the island, the couples will be separated immediately with Fani, Andrea, Mayka, Lester and Isaac going to Villa Playa with their respective pending issues: Julián, Óscar, Pablo, Marta and Marina.

The trailer and how to watch ‘The Last Temptation’

In addition to the broadcast on Telecinco on Wednesdays at 22:00In Mitele Plus you will be able to watch the programs 24 hours in advance, so if you can’t wait, you can already watch the first episode. What will happen from today is something that we will know very shortly and that will undoubtedly give us for many oyoyoyoy. By the way, in this sense, our colleagues from Poprosa will undoubtedly make a great coverage.