This is the place where you should never take your mobile according to the Civil Guard | Life

This is the place where you should never take your mobile according to the Civil Guard |  Life

When carrying the mobile phone with us there are certain parts of the body in which we must avoid placing it if what we want is to keep it.

Smartphones have become our great allies when it comes to performing endless tasks, in fact, they are with us practically at all times. We have acquired certain customs when carrying these devices that are not as correct as they should be.

And, it is that, the price of mobile devices has increased over the last few years. Now many phones have price tags that reach and exceed the thousand dollar barrier. This makes them almost valuable objects for some individuals, such as thieves.

Having so assimilated that phones are part of our lives, many times we forget their value and tend to support them on surfaces such as the tables of the cafeterias or bars that we frequent.. This situation is a magnet for people who are friends of others.

Of course, it is not the only situation in which they can take your mobile without you knowing. The Civil Guard has published a tweet in which it indicates a place where the phone can disappear without your being aware and, the truth, it is such a recurring site when it comes to leaving the mobile device which is even surprising.

We are talking about the back pocket of the pants, this place is totally unprotected and completely exposed to possible pickpockets. The recommendation by the Civil Guard is to carry the device in the front pockets and, in addition, monitor from time to time that it is in its place.

In addition, it is currently impractical to carry your mobile phone in your back pocket. Devices have grown so large that they tend to stick out of this pocket, in addition to the risk of being injured if we sit on it or if, for some reason, we have a fall and land with the part behind the body.