As previously informed, Manzana conducted a new digital presentation today. The company of California did not say exactly what we can expect from the event, however, fans are anticipating news about the new iPhone 13, the AirPods 3 and the Apple Watch Series 7. Surprisingly, new versions of the iPad and iPad Mini, and here we will talk to you about their news.


Manzana the event started with news about the new iPad, which according to them, will be up to 20% faster in CPU and GPU, and up to six times faster than any tablet with an operating system Android, this thanks to the processor A13. Additionally, it will have an improved camera, compatibility with Apple Pencil and will be available next week in three different colors for a price of $ 329 or $ 299 for schools.


Moreover, the new iPad Mini it has more important improvements both inside and out. Unlike iPad normal, the Mini it does have a new design with flat surfaces and TouchID on the power button.

In accordance with Manzana, the new processor allows the iPad Mini be up to 40 percent faster, as well as an increase of up to 80% in terms of graphics performance in applications.

Now it also has a port USB-C, so that in this way you can transfer data much faster, as well as the possibility of connecting to other accessories, such as cameras or external displays. Manzana says the new iPad Mini will have connections 5G.

It will be available for $ 499 and will be released the following week.


Source: Apple event

This is the new iPad and iPad Mini that Apple revealed

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