This is the most recent (and complete) multifunction kitchen robot from Cecotec

This is the most recent (and complete) multifunction kitchen robot from Cecotec

A few years ago only the most comfortable pockets could afford to have a kitchen robot to his credit. Thermomix dominated the market and, although it offered (and offers) all kinds of payment conveniences, it was a unique luxury option that was not suitable for all audiences.

Fortunately, over time the landscape changed and cheaper alternatives began to emerge. So much so that today it is quite common to have this small appliance at home. Among them we find multifunction robot Mambo 12090 Havanathe model launched at the end of 2021 by the Valencian company Cecotec.

It follows the general line of the design initiated by Cecotec, which has several models to its credit, but with a updated finish and new features. Among them, its color touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity stand out, which allows access to countless recipes from the device itself and manage it from the mobile with the official Mambo app.

Box contents and features

The box of the Mambo Cecotec Habana, the model that we have tested and the most recent, complete and advancedincludes the main body of the robot, with its stainless steel jug, its blades and its lid with a measuring cup, an operating manual, an instruction manual and a recipe book.

To this are added various accessoriesto which we will give more or less use depending on how and what each person cooks: silicone spatula, butterfly (to mix food without damaging it and to whip creams and egg whites), basket (to cook soft foods), two-level steamer, ceramic-coated pitcher and MamboMix spoon (for kneading, mixing and stirring without cutting the dough).

The usable capacity of the jugs is 2 liters cold and 1.5 liters hot. Enough to feed between four and six mouths generously, without the appliance taking up too much in the kitchen: it is relatively compact and light: ‎31 x 26.5 x 39 cm; 8.52 kilograms.

Various accessories: basket, butterfly and spatula

Unlike other previous models from the same house, the Mambo 12090 Habana has an integrated scale. It allows you to cook all kinds of dishes using its 30 functionswith a very precise degree-by-degree temperature control, unique in this type of appliance:

  • Stir, mix and beat
  • Shreds, grates, grinds, pulverizes, chops and chops
  • Emulsify and mount
  • Stir-fry, confit, boil and poach
  • Steam cooking and bain-marie
  • Cook with grade-by-grade precision
  • Slow cook and zero speed
  • Knead and ferment
  • liquefy
  • keeps warm
  • SlowMambo (delicate elaborations)
  • yogurt maker

Wi-Fi connectivity for easy cooking

The Wi-Fi connectivity of this robot is very interesting, which allows access to an infinity of recipes and recreate them in a simple way by following the instructions that appear on the screen. A guided cooking experience ideal for those who have little ease in the kitchen and a comfort to professionals stoves.

The management of the cooking process can be done through the interactive mambo app and from the mobile, which interacts with the robot in real time. One can move around the house quietly or lie on the sofa and control the robot remotely. Very comfortable.

Mambo Cecotec 2

Touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity

If the Wi-Fi connectivity at home is regular and you reach the kitchen when you feel like it, the robot allows download your recipes and work on them later offline. They can also be accessed through the mobile app.

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The interactive online cookbook it is updated every week and can be voted on, modified, annotated, saved and shared through Cecotec’s virtual social community. They can also be marked as favourites, allowing them to be located quickly.

In addition to guided or assisted cooking, the robot also allows you to cook manually and personally choose the time, temperature and speed parameters required by the dishes we want to prepare.

Cecotec Mambo 12090 Havana Multifunction Kitchen Robot.  1700 W, 30 Functions, WiFi, TFT Touch Screen 7"Scale, Ceramic Pitcher and Stainless Steel Pitcher suitable for dishwasher

Cecotec Mambo 12090 Havana Multifunction Kitchen Robot. 1700 W, 30 Functions, WiFi, 7″ TFT Touch Screen, Scale, Ceramic Jug and Dishwasher-safe Stainless Steel Jug

The best of Mambo 12090 Havana

In the Mambo 12090 Habana includes zero speed, something that other robots do not offer. This is great for preparations that need to be cooked without stirring, such as pasta, legumes, broths, etc. In its jar, uncovered, traditional stews can be prepared in the same way as if we were using a saucepan on the induction hob.

Especially attractive is the “slowmambo” function with which cook at low temperature. Stews come out of the cinema and with the use of the MamboMix spoon (instead of the blades) the meats and vegetables come out intact. With it I have also prepared a mushroom risotto and some lentils that have made history at home. All this without messing up.

Remarkable is the fact of being able shred small quantities at relatively high speeds and that a vacuum bubble is not created around the blades that entails having to stop the robot, lower the food from the walls of the jar and program again. It has seemed like a dream to me to prepare hummus in one go and get a smooth and creamy texture. I have not achieved this with other robots on the market.

Mambo Cecotec 3

Ceramic pitcher and spoon MamboMix

Remove the blades for cleaning or to change them for the MamboMix spoon is very simple. The mechanism runs like silk. The same thing happens with the lid, which has a rotating system of the closure rubbers that makes it much easier to handle.

Finally, one of the most important features of this robot is its double security system. The lid has a closing sensor that blocks operation if it is not properly closed. To avoid splashes and burns, if the temperature of the cooked food is higher than 60ºC, the maximum grinding speed of the blades is 4.

Cecotec Mambo 12090 Havana: the opinion of DAP

Did I like Cecotec Mambo? Yes. I recommend? It depends. Everyone’s personal needs are different and what has worked very well for me (I cook daily -for pleasure and for work- and any help is welcome) may not work for others.

Of the Cecotec Mambo 12090 Habana multifunction robot, I prefer the good things described above and the price. The €569 €399 that the creature in question costs goes a long way and is amortized in a couple of months if you are a cook often and you like to leave the macaroni with tomato, grilled chicken and mixed salad. Then you will find in it a great kitchen boy.

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