Pokémon creatures have captivated a large number of fans with each of their generations. Over time, this franchise has become more popular globally and has gained a very loyal following who dare to take a step further than just adore anime and video games. Yes, according to some people, the best way to show that you like something is by tattooing it to always carry it with you.

In this case, a Reddit user named Grstark has shared his most recent Pokemon-inspired tattoo. The interesting thing about this work of art is that it is very different from what we are normally used to, since here it shows Pikachu doing somewhat different actions to what we see in the anime.

This is one of the tattoos that possibly many Pikachu fans wish they had

Next, we leave you the image so you can see all the details of this particular tattoo.

Flying surfing pikachus tattoos desde Pokemon

Yes, they are Pikachus having fun in a great and extreme beach day. The tattoo features one of them surfing dominating the waves and the other flying with balloons. Without a doubt, it is a unique and special design because it has adapted its favorite character to the user’s favorite actions.