The first two chapters from Hawk Eye, now available on Disney +, were a pleasant surprise for fans. The series of the most discreet of The Avengers (as it is called even in the show) surprised by its good script and rhythm. But also because of screenwriter Jonathan Igla’s decision to include several of the iconic characters from the original comic. Among them, one of the oldest villains in history in the role of Hawkeye.

It is about Swordsman / Jacques Duquesne, who comes to the program played by actor Tony Dalton. In television fiction, the character has changed his name to “Jack”, apparently will play a more subtle role than his version in the comics. However, he retains all of his physical abilities including his skill with the sword and his keen eye for manipulation.

It is a brilliant decision on the part of the writers and producers that will allow us to delve into the context of Clint Barton. For now, The Avenger has been a luxury secondary in most of the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, his origin story includes several traumatic events, including the loss of his parents and subsequent confinement in an orphanage. Also, the meeting with Jacques / Jack Duquesne, responsible for his training and, without a doubt, his amazing skill with the bow and arrow.

A bitter past and an old enemy to defeat

Swordsman first appeared in The Avengers Volume 1 # 19 in August 1965. For the time, most of the publisher’s characters were in a complicated gray area. To counter DC’s premise of great heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, the publisher experimented with fallible characters.

One of them was Hawkeye / Clint Barton. The same happened with his nemesis, created by Stan Lee and Don Heck. In fact, through the decades, Swordsman has been both an ally and an enemy of The Avengers. In the same way that Hawkeye once did, he took on the superhero team and later became their ally.

However, the history between Barton and Swordsman is much more convoluted than their relationship with various superheroes. After Barton tragically lost his parents, he ended up in an orphanage. Years later, he escaped to join the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders; It is there that he meets Jacques Duquesne, an expert swordsman turned into one of the most important attractions of the place.

By then, the character had a murky past as a revolution survivor in the fictional Southeast Asian nation of Sin-Cong. Turned into a mixture of hero and martyr, Duquesne fled the conflict to seclude himself in the circus, drunk and in the middle of gambling debt.

Is then when he makes very young Clint Barton his ward, teaching him his weapon skills. In the comic, the training of the future Hawkeye is also done by Trickshot. In fact, it is the character created by Dom DeFalco and Mark Bright, who is responsible for Barton’s knowledge of the bow and date.

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