This is the most brutal Dragon Ball tattoo you are going to see in a long time

This is the most brutal Dragon Ball tattoo you are going to see in a long time

Two of the most epic transformations in the franchise come together.

Despite having reached the year 2022, it must be said that Dragon Ball’s popularity is far from waning or disappearing, since the franchise created by Akira Toriyama continues to enjoy very good health, thereby giving rise to this year a new film of the saga was released in theaters while, for his part, the manga continues to be published with the Granola arc taking a script twist that had been in the works for months.

Be that as it may, one of the most popular aspects of Dragon Ball is derived from the tattoos that fans get based on characters, moments and even techniques of the saga, an example of this being the tattoo of Goten and Trunks that simulates the fusion of these in Gotenks. Nevertheless, The latest Reddit post focuses on the main characters from the most iconic fights of recent years: Goku and Vegeta.

A tattoo that shows Goku and Vegeta in one of their grandest moments

Under this premise, the new Reddit contribution shows us the two purebred Saiyans transformed into the Super Saiyan version that we could see both in the Buu saga by the prince and in the Frieza saga by the low-class warrior. It must be said that the video shows the two characters in an imposing way, as you can see below:

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It must be said that it is not surprising that these two characters are the focus of many fan works, since manga and anime have focused on them over many other of the original protagonists. However, the latest trailers for the new film would indicate that Gohan would be the hero of this film, this being something that fans are looking forward to.

For the rest, we are only on the 7th of this 2022, so we will have to see what new things, drawings, tattoos, videos, among others, fans surprise us with, in the same way that the new year gives hope to see the return of the anime, although still without an official confirmation about it.

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