Did you know that Xiaomi sells a handheld printer? The Mi Portable Photo Printer prints without ink And it is also capable of “printing” videos using augmented reality, it is perfect for creating stickers in seconds and it operates via Bluetooth connection, without cables.

Xiaomi markets such a diverse range of products that it is easy to overlook some of their offerings. Until you stumble upon his razor or screwdrivers and come to the conclusion that, well, I wish I had discovered them sooner. In each product Xiaomi seeks to sublimate and encapsulate decades of research and development under the same premise: make it look easy. And that seems to be the maxim of the Mi Portable Photo Printer, by simplifying one of the most tedious tasks in office automation.

Mi Portable Photo Printer file

My Portable Photo Printer

printing technology

Thermal (ZINK)

print resolution

313 × 400 dots per inch

paper size

50mm × 76mm

Loading capacity

Up to 10 sheets

Print speed

Approx. 45 s / sheet

Supported formats



  • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
  • Up to 3 connections


500 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery


Micro USB


  • Connection with Mi Home
  • Up to 5 gift sheets in the box


181 grams


74.99 euros

Zink? What is Zink?

ZINK is actually the acronym for “zero ink”, a color printing technology – 16 million colors, no less – developed by the American company Zink Holdings, although its technology was born from Polaroid laboratories back in 1991.

The printing technology is based on the thermal paper that separates the colors using insulating sheets, in order to moderate the temperature control. Each layer, cyan, magenta and yellow, receives a different temperature and the mixture impresses the image.

More than two decades ago, Zink already flirted with this commercial impression and from that models such as DEMO 7 were born. And Xiaomi has an exploitation license with which it produces its own digital Polaroid.

My Portable Photo Printer, inkless printing by Zink’s hand

Mi Portable Photo Printer Xiaomi

Very well valued by the community, the Mi Portable Photo Printer, therefore, uses thermal printing to produce photos in about 30 seconds, is compatible with JPEG, JPG and PNG formats and operates in three steps: sheet assembly, cover closure and printing. And it has measures so contained that it fits in the pocket of any backpack.

The case includes a calibration card to set the print margins correctly, plus five test sheets. its 500 mAh battery guarantees the continuous printing of about 20 sheets and charging is done via microUSB.

Although perhaps one of his features Most notable is its ability to convert photos into video: using AR, every time you place your mobile over the image, the Mi Home app will recognize the moment and play the associated video.

A feature that we can also associate with photos. When uploading a photo and embedding an audio message, every time someone else scans the photo they will hear the hidden message embedded above the photo. An ingenious idea to shoot a “happy Birthday!” just by looking at a photo of a cake or make a proposal, a classic “do you want to marry me?” by simply showing a photo of a ring.

In Search of the Perfect Printer (That Doesn't Exist)

Finally, from the app too collages can be created using templates or combine your own designs, in addition to being able to incorporate text or different emojis on each printed photo.

20 page refills

Spare parts

Developed by Zink, from the Xiaomi store you can also find refills of 20 glossy pages for 14.99 euros, 50mm x 76mm in size, with triple layer of color, reinforcement layer and plastic coating to protect the integrity of the color.

The Mi Portable Photo Printer was presented last summer, exactly one year ago, on the occasion of Friendship Day. Today, July 30, Xiaomi has once again presented it as the perfect travel companion for take your vacation photos on the fly or to share moments leaving aside the digital and turning your best memories into analog stickers.

Xiaomi TEJ4018GL - Portable 300 DPI Pocket Mini AR Photo Printer with DIY Share 500 mAh, White

Xiaomi TEJ4018GL – Portable 300 DPI Pocket Mini AR Photo Printer with DIY Share 500 mAh, White