This is the massive download size of As Dusk Falls

This is the massive download size of As Dusk Falls

As Dusk Falls is one of the most anticipated indie games on the international scene, thanks to a really striking proposal, and best of all, Xbox users will have the opportunity to enjoy the title through Xbox Game Pass from the same day of its release.

In fact, it is typical to see that the games that will arrive on the Xbox service allow you to download certain games before the day of landing on it arrives, as happened with A Plague Tale: Requiem a few days ago. Well, now it’s the turn of the Interior/Night game, revealing the massive download size of As Dusk Falls.

This is the incredible download size of As Dusk Falls

Generally, we are used to indie games having a relatively small size, with titles usually being around 5 – 10 GB in the most ambitious titles. However, this new narrative adventure will be a real exception in this regard, since the download size of As Dusk Falls will be 51.03 GB.

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Many of you will be wondering how it is possible for an independent game to reach such a figure, and the answer is really simple. most likely The reason behind this massive download size is the inclusion of a multitude of videos in the game. As we have seen in the trailers of the game, the cinematics will be a fundamental part of the game, and this is where the reason for this size surely lies.

Therefore, you already know that if you want to enjoy As Dusk Falls, you must make room for more than 50 GB on your hard drives.

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