In accordance with The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). Heart disease was the leading cause of death last year. Despite the fact that Mexico leads the world lists with the highest number of deaths due to the COVID-19 virus.

Diabetes is on the rise …

Diabetes, a disease that has Mexico among the most affected countries in the world, occupies the third place. Malignant tumors and influenza and pneumonia complete the top five spots.

In fact, this condition saw a considerable increase: in 2019 104,354 people died and in 2020 it rose to 151,214, 44% more.

According to information from Serendipia, the pandemic represented a heavy burden on the country’s health system. Done to respond to the health crisis to the detriment of other diseases. In 2019, for example, 156,041 people died of heart problems and a year later there were 218,885, 40% more.

Inegi: And the second cause?

COVID was the second leading cause of death in Mexico in 2020, according to information released on July 29.

The inegi published preliminary figures on deaths registered in 2020. These data show that COVID-19 killed 129,329 men and 71,829 women. That is, there were 201,1163 deaths from COVID-19 in 2020 in Mexico.

According to preliminary figures, last year there were one million 69 thousand 301 deaths from various causes throughout the country. As we mentioned at the beginning, the main causes of death were heart disease (20.2 percent of deaths), COVID-19 (18.5 percent), and diabetes mellitus (13.9 percent).

Are more men affected by the virus?

Of these three health problems, COVID-19 is the only one that was not expected. And it is a disease that has the entire world in a health emergency since the beginning of 2020.

Although this disease ranked second in causes of death overall. COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in men and the third in women. In fact, men account for 64 percent of deaths from COVID-19 while women account for 36 percent.

What’s more, this disease was the leading cause of death for people 35 to 64 years of age. The second from the age group over 65 and the third from the age group made up of 25 to 34 year olds.

Countries with the MOST deaths

Mexico City, Baja California and the State of Mexico have the highest death rates recorded by COVID-19. In Mexico, for every 100,000 inhabitants, according to data published by Inegi. In Mexico City, lThe COVID-19 fatality rate is 32 (double the national fatality rate). In Baja California and the State of Mexico, the rates are 21.

At the other extreme, Oaxaca, Michoacán and Chiapas are the entities with the lowest death rates registered by COVID-19: 8, 8 and 5 respectively.

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