The day has finally arrived when all Mexicans celebrate Independence Day. It is a very special date and in which it was usually customary to go out to celebrate in public squares. This time it will be different due to the global context that is experienced so it is best to stay at home during the national holidays. Now the problem is feeding to avoid falling into excesses. But although some people may not believe it, it is possible to have a healthy and palatable menu.

It is because of the above that the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) made a call to celebrate with responsibility. In your case, the ideal is to transmit this information to your patients to avoid unnecessary risks. The main thing is to avoid numerous gatherings and not attend massive events or in closed spaces that promote Covid-19 infections.

What should not be done

For his part, the Coordinator of Medical Programs, Dr. Diego Balcón Caro, recommended holding family meetings only with people living at home and following sanitary measures. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption should also be avoided to prevent injuries from car accidents, fights or falls, which increase the demand for attention in IMSS emergencies in this season.

He stressed that people recently vaccinated against Covid-19 should not drink alcohol for 72 hours after the application of the biological. This is because it reduces the immune response and poisoning or hangover can be mistaken for adverse effects of the vaccine.

Dr. Balcón Caro recalled that people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or heart problems, should continue their medical treatments, have adequate control of their glucose and blood pressure, and not exceed the intake of food or alcohol.

On the other hand, the specialist in Nutrition said that on these dates Mexican cuisine has dishes with high caloric content, so he suggested control portions and change some ingredients to reduce calories, in addition to avoiding the consumption of sugary drinks.

Eating well and delicious is possible

He said that pozole is a typical dish that when consumed in moderation, preferably with chicken meat and baked toast, can provide protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, niacin, as well as calcium, iron, iodine, potassium and magnesium . They can also choose a menu of roasted meat and natural fresh waters without added sugar or use a substitute.

Dr. Balcón Caro presented a table with the traditional preparation (left) and the IMSS recommendation (right) for these parties. Therefore, it is the healthy menu that your patients should prefer in these national holidays.

The IMSS Medical Programs Coordinator invited the population not to exceed the intake of alcoholic beverages and to use mineral water or sugar-free soft drinks as mixers. If you prefer beer, choose non-alcoholic or light.

He insisted on not forgetting that the pandemic is still active and not attending mass celebrations, because there is a greater risk of catching COVID-19, continue to use face masks, hand hygiene or use alcohol-gel and promote healthy distance to the extent as possible.