This is the Elden Ring application that you should install on your mobile

This is the Elden Ring application that you should install on your mobile

A player has created a new Elden Ring app for iOS in order to help all players keep track of locations, NPCs, and side quests. Since there is currently no way to keep track of such quests within the Elden Ring, which was a deliberate choice by From Software, Dachary Carey has released Shattered Ring, an Elden Ring app that will help anyone who decides to install it.

The Elden Ring app is basically a progression tracker that allows everyone to easily and quickly take notes and reports progress by zones, bosses, NPCs and side quests.

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New Elden Ring App

Shattered Ring, the new app from Elden Ring, is the task tracker you didn’t know you needed to enjoy FromSoftware’s latest title. With Shattered Ring you would have control of the notes and the status of the NPCs, locations and important missions. Additionally, you’ll be able to track NPC locations and quests, filter completed or incomplete quests and locations, and view stats.

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Carey is not a professional app developer, but he said he wrote the Elden Ring app for solve what I thought is a big accessibility barrier for a lot of more casual gamers. Of course, it is a paid application, although you will not have to pay much. And it’s completely in English.

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