This is the cover of SPORT

This is the cover of SPORT


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On our cover today, Tuesday, November 30, the main headline is ‘Golden Triplet’. Messi, Alexia and Pedri make Barça the total protagonist of the Paris Gala. Messi, wins his seventh Ballon d’Or, Alexia makes history being the first Spanish footballer to win it and Pedri closes its great year with the Kopa Prize.

The cover includes the outstanding statements of each one of them, in which Pedri “I thank Messi and to all the captains “, Messi continues with his ambition”I’m going to keep fighting because I love football “, and Alexia assures that this is only the beginning,” I am sure that It won’t be the last Ballon d’Or for a Barça footballer“.

Also on the cover, the Barça does not rule out the signing of Haaland.