This is the brand of tires that Profeco does not want you to buy

This is the brand of tires that Profeco does not want you to buy

The Profeco has launched a singular alert to which thousands of car owners should pay attention, as it has shown a brand of tires, a key product in the operation of these vehicles, so the demand for the purchase of these accessories is wide.

One of the latest projections released in Mexico warned that more than 50 million motorized vehicles circulated in the country, a figure that revealed the state of the market before the health contingency.

The INEGI projection warned at the time that of more than 39 million registered in 2015, the figure shot up to the more than 50 million vehicles that circulated during 2019, so the increase had been approximately 28 percent.

Profeco does not want you to buy this tire

The enormous number of cars that circulate in Mexico gives us an idea of ​​the purchasing universe that exists in the country and how important it becomes to have references, what should be bought and what not, especially since it is a market of great demand in accessories and services that detonates.

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So it helps a lot, knowing the latest warning from Profeco where we are told of the potential it has in the market, betting on a certain brand when making a purchase decision.

It is about Continental Tire, after the Attorney General’s Office identified that the tires of this brand are registering a potential loss of air pressure, due to a separation of the edge of the belt, which causes a partial loss of the tread.

The brand has supplemented the alert by warning that you may experience a rupture of the side wall casing, thereby causing a sudden loss of air.

In order to avoid damage to your vehicle, if you recently purchased brand tires, it is necessary that you check if the product purchased is the 215 / 60R16 94T TL CONTIPROCONTACT.

If this is your case, you need to go to the voluntary tire replacement program, with any nearby distributor to be able to replace your tire.

The complicated automotive market

The automotive market faces a significant slowdown that has been due to all kinds of factors, from the decrease in the demand for vehicles to problems in the supply of semiconductors.

Figures report that automobile assembly fell by up to 26.5 percent during the last 14 months, this according to the latest figures projected by INEGI, with brands such as Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors being the most affected by this slowdown.

Against this background, an element that we cannot ignore is the irregularity that has occurred in the supply of semiconductors to vehicles, so one of the coldest estimates in this regard is the warning issued by the AMIA stating that it will be until end of the year when its supply in the industry will possibly be regularized.

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