This is the best way to eat dinner and get a better night’s sleep when it’s hot

This is the best way to eat dinner and get a better night’s sleep when it’s hot

One of the conditioning factors of night rest is, without a shadow of a doubt, what is ingested before going to sleep. Dinner can be an intake that can help us fall asleep or, on the other hand, turn our night into a nightmare.

In addition, now that the heat is coming, it is very important to take care of our diet since the increase in temperature makes rest worse, so having any factor that allows a better rest under control It will be positive for our health.

don’t eat too much

Eating a lot before going to sleep can make our rest worse because we have to use a lot of energy to digest food.


Also, eating a large volume of food can cause our body temperature rises, and what has been seen in this regard is that our body, in a very intelligent way, lowers its temperature at night to facilitate better rest. Therefore, if due to the large amount of food ingested we cause our body temperature to increase, we will be causing rest will be worse.

Eat fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are foods that provide many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that can help improve rest. Therefore, consuming at least one piece of fruit and/or a serving of vegetables at dinner time is a very good idea.

On the other hand, fruits or vegetables, especially those that have a high amount of water such as orange, plums, pineapple, lettuce… they are very easily digested even though they have fiber.

Finally, the fact that they provide a large amount of water, it will keep us hydrated and it will predispose the body to be more efficient by lowering its body temperature to, as we have mentioned before, improve the quality of rest.


Decrease solids and increase fluid intake

This above all would be indicated to those people who they train at night and have to consume a lot of calories at night. If we include too much solid food at dinner, our rest can get worse. Therefore, including liquid foods or foods with a more liquid consistency such as creams, gazpacho, salmorejo… can make us feel better when we go to sleep.

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It is important to emphasize that if you are going to do this, have dinner a couple of hours before bed because if not, you will get up to go urinate in the middle of the night and that could affect your rest.

Do not eat hot food

If already doing the digestion makes Our body temperature rises imagine if we consume hot food like some soup. Always introduce foods that are at least at room temperature and, if they can be cold, much better.

This does not mean that you do not eat some fillet or fish fillet (which obviously has to be eaten hot), but it is preferable not to introduce large amounts of hot food.

An idea may be to eat gazpacho with a hard-boiled egg, some salad with tuna, etc.


Avoid fried foods or foods that have a lot of fat

We have commented many times that fried or fatty foods do not have to be bad by themselves. It is not the same to eat some potato chips than some anchovies fried in extra virgin olive oil. We know that when it comes to qualifying a food as more or less healthy, it is necessary to be based on the global computation and not on something in particular.

We know that fats take longer to digest than other macronutrients like carbohydrates. Therefore, to improve our digestion and not make it so heavy, It is preferable that the foods we eat are low in fat.

With this we are not saying that we cannot consume a salmon loin, that we add a splash of extra virgin olive oil to the salad, etc., but a bag of chips is not the most advisable thing to sleep or for our health.

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