This is the amazing original Xbox of Boba Fett custom that is for sale

This is the amazing original Xbox of Boba Fett custom that is for sale

A Star Wars fan has taken it upon himself to create a Boba Fett Original Xbox with so much care in the details that it seems like a special edition of the console. If you have enjoyed the new Disney series dedicated to this iconic character, and you are also an Xbox fan, you would surely be interested in having in your collection this incredible Boba Fett original Xbox that includes paint, lights, and exceptional care in its design.

In fact, whoever has taken the trouble to create this custom special edition console, has put it up for sale, and Has already sold seven original Boba Fett Xboxes. That’s right, and apparently there is only one left for sale.

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Boba Fett Original Xbox

The most interesting of this original Xbox of Boba Fett are the details in the painting. Each of the small aspects that run through the console, in the buttons, vents, the central Xbox logo, and some additions make this custom console a real gem. Even more so if you are a Star Wars fan. In addition, the console is perfectly functional, and you can play the classic games of this famous saga on it, making the experience more interesting.

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If you are interested, you can enter Etsy where is the console post to see all details of the sale, and the comments of previous buyers.

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