this is the ‘air fryer’ of the Chinese technology giant

this is the ‘air fryer’ of the Chinese technology giant

They already were last year and they will be more so this year. Oil-free fryers are the fashionable appliance, and the appliance changed to call many of our most common elaborations.

Once the initial skepticism has been overcome, it is clear that we are facing a useful and inexpensive gadget, that facilitates daily meals. It is not surprising that all manufacturers have jumped into the pool presenting their own models.

Today we discuss the oil-free fryer of Xiaomi, the considered Chinese Apple, which has just launched its Mi Smart Air Fryer model in Spain, in time for Black Friday and Christmas. This is what you have to offer us.

Box contents and specifications

Known for its minimalist design, nothing in Xiaomi packaging is usually left over. In the box we only find the fryer without oil, with its 3.5 L basket,, a removable tray, as usual, to drain the fat, and a manual that, thank God, is well translated and understandable. The only extra accessory that is included is a grid that allows two layers of food to be superimposed in the basket, an element that we have not seen in other devices of this type (and, as we will see, it can be useful for some preparations).

The specifications are what we can expect from a device like this. Power is 1500W: something more than, for example, the Cecotec model, but smaller than the Philips air fryer, the company that invented the appliance and is still the primus inter pares. In any case, we are unable to notice the difference, which is more relevant in terms of the capacity of the basket and the usability of the device.

As expected from its nickname smart, the Xiaomi oil-free fryer has several technological add-ons: mobile connection through the Mi Home app, from where the device can be operated, and compatibility with the voice assistant from Google and Alexa.

Data sheet




My Smart Airfryer


3.5 L

Cooking temperature

From 40 to 200º C

Appliance dimensions

33.5 x 25.2 x 30.4 cm

Package dimensions

37 x 29.5 x 34.5 cm

Weight with box

5.2 Kilograms

Net weight

3.9 kg

Available colours



1500 W


240 volts

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer – Oil Free Fryer, 3.5 L Capacity, adjustable 40-200, Automatic shutdown, with Recipes, OLED screen, 1500W, Google Voice Assistant and built-in Alexa. (White color)


Usability and cooking tests

Once we have tried several hot air fryers, we know how to handle the instrument without doubts, and the Xiaomi device makes it easy for you. The appliance has only one on / off button -Something to be grateful for, as it is missing in many appliances that continue to consume electricity if you do not unplug them from the mains- and a led screen from which the appliance can be used manually (selecting the cooking time and temperature) or configure the connection with the mobile.

The synchronization with the Mi Home app, in which all the domestic appliances of the Chinese brand are controlled, it is very simple and has not given us any problem (as if it has happened to us in other appliances). From the application you can access some automatic cooking programs or select the desired temperature and time.

My personal opinion is that in devices as simple as these, these “smart” features increase the price and are never used. To make French fries or chicken wings, it is much more convenient to put the time and temperature in manual mode than to open an application. You use it the first time and you think, “How cool!” And you never use it again.

The most important thing when choosing a device of this type are the dimensions and the comfort of use. In this sense, we are facing a standard oil-free fryer, suitable for two or three people. If you are more at home, you can not cook food for all of one so much, and it is better to consider buying other appliances with larger capacity baskets. Its use is very comfortable and works perfectly. We have only found one problem, which I do not know if it is a small manufacturing defect of our test device, and it is that when inserting the basket it does not slide smoothly and you have to give it a little push to fit it properly. Nothing serious, but somewhat annoying.

The appliance has some interesting details that we have not seen in other hot air fryers and it has surprised us. It is interesting the notice to skip food halfway through cooking –something necessary for many recipes–. We also liked the rack for cooking in two heights, ideal for some foods such as chicken wings, which can be cooked without overlapping: the bottom layer and the top layer are not exactly the same, but if one night you want to shorten times it is a good resource.

Wings Tray


The Mi Smart Air Fryer is a flirty, functional oil-free fryer that delivers what it promises. It is, right now, one of the best options if we talk about small airfryers, for households of no more than three people. We must assess, yes, if we need the options of connection to the mobile phone or the voice assistant, which increase the price. Without intelligent functions, there are appliances with the same features whose results in the kitchen are identical.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer - Oil Free Fryer, 3.5 L Capacity, adjustable 40-200, Automatic shutdown, with Recipes, OLED screen, 1500W, Google Voice Assistant and built-in Alexa.  (White color)

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer – Oil Free Fryer, 3.5 L Capacity, adjustable 40-200, Automatic shutdown, with Recipes, OLED screen, 1500W, Google Voice Assistant and built-in Alexa. (White color)

The choice of purchase will depend on the offers of every moment. Taking into account that the Mi Smart Air Fryer is around 100 euros, there are cheaper options without smart functions, such as Cecotec’s oil-free fryer, which saves 40 euros, and others that do have this function, and are much more powerful, like the small Philips model, priced very roughly. If a bigger basket is what you need, Cosori’s top-selling oil-free fryer is also priced similarly.

Right now, we do not think it is a very competitive option, for those who do not particularly value aesthetic design or are Xiaomi fans.

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