Everything that big technology companies like Nvidia or Sony have presented is very good, but CES 2022 also serves to know extravagances of all kinds. Beyond latest generation graphics cards and processorsIt is also important that our PC has the best possible appearance.

This is what CyberPowerPC has thought, which has not opted for the classic RGB lights, but for a totally new concept. Ventilation is essential and that is why it has created this computer chassis with 18 vents for easy air venting, keeping the temperature at an optimal level.

Kinetic Series Chassis is the name given to this box, which has sensors that read the status of your PC every five seconds. If the temperature increases, it will gradually open its vents to ventilate; If you find yourself playing a game at peak performance, it is very possible that all the grids will be thrown wide open.

The architecture of this design It is based on buildings such as the Al Bahar Towers, located in the United Arab Emirates and which have an outer layer to the façade that protects the structure from heat. The work for its creation has lasted more than six months.

Now, the most important thing if you are thinking of buying it: it will arrive sometime in 2022, without a specific date and it is expected that the price is around 250 dollars (about 220 euros to change).