Jägermeister is one of the leading brands in the alcoholic beverages market and its formula has become a product that has been able to scale worldwide and establish itself successfully in the market.

One of the qualities of this brand is that it has become a very important consumer benchmark, above all because it has been able to innovate in the way it is communicated today, especially when defining the role of the consumer and the capacity they have. a brand to achieve best practices based on elements dictated in content marketing, which is undoubtedly a critical matter due to the audacity achieved in this segment and which has determined the impact of innovation on the plots narrated by the brands.

Jägermeister and the leap to contingency

A curious advertising campaign has marked the return of Jägermeister to the creative market, from a tremendously activist initiative with which this brand makes a very important statement and recognizes the value of the industries that manage ideas in charge of their professionals and the importance of the recognition of their work, which until now has become one of the key triggers in the market.

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As expected, tremendous work has been consolidated under this exercise and it is the one that has to do with the opportunity that brands have found since the year that has been consolidated and which is dictated by innovation, that is, rethinking priorities of the brands and thus define better routes in the market of how to carry out creative work, that is, that from the management of ideas they patent exceptional results.

“We want to continue to provide sustainable support to the global nightlife scene. My special thanks to everyone who participates in this incredible project ”, he explains Wolfgang Moeller, Mast-Jägermeister Global CMO.

And the statement of the marketing manager of one of the brands with the greatest mysticism in the beverage market, reminds us of the activism expected of brands in the face of the health contingency, as revealed in a study that we will analyze later, but in this This case proves a very important element and it is the one that has to do with the ability of brands to innovate in the market and to do so strategically.

This type of innovative actions in ideas, where brands speak out against the health contingency began with Ikea, when it was one of the first brands to develop advertising campaigns that undoubtedly define the challenge in communication in the face of singular events such as the contingency that the battle continues.

At the time, Ikea stood out in the market because its campaign called to stay at home and to maintain this resilience in the consumer, when at the time confinement became the most active call by health authorities.

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