This is how your diet has to be to promote the natural purification of the body on these dates

This is how your diet has to be to promote the natural purification of the body on these dates

Having culminated with the New Year’s Eve festivities, many are the people who go to resources or diets that favor the detoxification of the organism. However, detox diets do not contribute to the health of the body and are not necessary, that is why we tell you how should your diet be to promote the natural cleansing of the body on these dates.

Lots of quality water and nutrients to eliminate toxins

Sugars, fats and excess alcohol can accumulate toxins in our body. However, by itself our body is capable of eliminating them and with a proper diet, this process can be facilitated.

For this reason, we recommend including a day-to-day sufficient amount of fluids, especially water, or preparations that contain it, such as soups or creams, in order to promote blood circulation and the elimination of waste substances in the urine.

Likewise, it is very useful to include foods rich in fiber such as fresh fruits and vegetables They also offer high water content and promote hydration by offering sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium that behave as electrolytes in our body.

Other foods that may be helpful are legumes and whole grains that absorb large amounts of water during cooking and offer fiber in high proportions, useful to promote the natural purification of our body.

The inclusion of source foods unsaturated fats It is also beneficial because they can have an anti-inflammatory effect on our body, especially the omega 3 fatty acids that we can obtain from fish fatty or, of nuts and others nuts as well as seeds.

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You know, a quality diet that promotes hydration and proper functioning of the body is enough. to purify ourselves on these dates taking care of health.

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