This is how you can improve the audio on your computer, Mac or PC: with Boom 3D

This is how you can improve the audio on your computer, Mac or PC: with Boom 3D

More and more people attach great importance to sound quality. It can be checked for example by looking at the number of home cinemas and sound bars that are sold every year. Also, unlike several years ago, having a good sound experience is something that has become quite democratized, and is far from the large investments of money that had to be made until not long ago.

This when we watch television, but what happens when we work from our PC or Mac and want to enjoy improving the audio on our PC or Mac? Well what we depend on the hardware that the teams assemble and that many times do not offer a sound experience premium.

To improve this, there are applications such as Boom 3D, available for any desktop computer and that has a history of 10 years, seeking to offer the best sound quality to everyone. If you like the subject of sound and want to enhance that of your computer, we will tell you how Boom 3D works

“The usual price of Boom 3D for two Windows or Mac computers is 42.99 euros. However, now you can get both licenses for only 12.90 euros. “

After downloading the application and running it on our computer, the main control panel already shows everything we can do in terms of sound adjustment. The operation is very simple and intuitive, with a main menu that shows everything that Boom 3D is capable of doing.

3D sound and app equalizer

Surely more than once you have experienced 3D sound, a sound that instead of coming out flat, surrounds you to give the feeling that we are inside a song in a concert or a movie. That can be done in two ways, the first is investing in a sound system, either 5.1 or 7.1 and place speakers throughout the room. The problem is that, you need speakers throughout the room, with the outlay of money that it requires.

“Boom 3D guarantees immersive sound, without resorting to extra speakers or very expensive headphones. “

The second way is to do it through software, modulating the sound that comes out of the speakers of our computer to give that enveloping feeling. That is what Boom 3D does for example if we want to watch a movie on Netflix. But not only that.

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We can also adjust, for example, the sound individually or generally, putting some applications or programs on silence while we turn up the volume of others and then later play with the volume of each one of them. In this way, we can temporarily download the sound in iTunes while on the other hand we upload the Final Cut if we are editing a video.

Effects to improve sound quality

If you want to give your audio a more personal nuance, Boom 3D has several options to choose from. For example, the night mode, which prevents sound peaks from being triggered, for example while watching an action movie and if a car explodes. If we are at home and we do not want to wake up the neighbors or our colleagues, this mode helps to ensure that the sound that is emitted is always constant and low.

“Using the HIPERTEXTUAL code, we will enjoy a 75% discount.”

But nevertheless, the Fidelity mode achieves the opposite and is to offer a loud and clear sound even if what is being played does not require it. Boom 3D boosts the weaker frequency bands while boosting the overall sound quality. This way we won’t have to go around turning up the volume when we don’t hear anything so that it suddenly goes off when we change scene or verse, if we’re talking about songs.

Finally, another of the effects that Boom 3D includes refers to its main ability to emit surround sound. The Spatial mode improves the stereo sound, bringing more clarity to the right and left channels, improving the audio quality while watching a movie.

Availability and price

When you try Boom 3D, surely you will not regret in the least having bought it but, if you have some initial doubts, on the other hand normal, you can try its 30-day trial version. You just have to choose the operating system of your computer and try it without obligation. In fact, although it works differently, the Boom app is also available for mobile devices, both Android and iOS.

The usual price of Boom 3D for Windows or Mac computers is 42.99 euros for two computers. But nevertheless, With the New Year’s offers you can get both licenses for only 12.90 euros, or what is the same: a 70 percent discount. However, for Hipertextual readers, they can enjoy a 75% discount using the HIPERTEXTUAL code.

Now that we are on the giving date, a software license that helps us get more out of our computers and enjoy multimedia content even more is a very good choice.