The illustrations about the characters of One piece They tend to abound and always offer us different perspectives to imagine our favorite characters from the series in different settings. This is why we have brought you this art where we can get an idea of ​​what some characters in the series would look like with a more realistic and historically correct appearance. We tell you that this is how the Straw Hat Pirates would be if they were dogs.

Historically inspired Straw Hats pt.2 desde OnePiece

The best illustration of One Piece is this Nami with Zoro’s sword and Luffy’s hat, however, how can you see, in this art we have several characters from One piece with a much more realistic appearance compared to the classic drawing with its features that characterizes anime. But in this one we can imagine how these characters would be in real life with this slightly more western look, which makes them look very interesting. What do you think of this illustration?

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