In the past week, Riot games revealed to us the first details about Zeri, the new character of League of Legends which should be coming to the game in the next few weeks. At the time we were not given details about his abilities or gameplay, but that changed today with a new video.

Zeri will have a style of play similar to that of Jinx, in the sense that their projectiles will mark any enemy they hit. Another of his abilities also allows him to slide in one direction and gain a passive bonus on his auto attacks.

In the same way, this marksman will also have a shield that will absorb a part of the damage received. His mobility will also be quite impressive, as he will be able to take a big leap across the map after charging his feet with electricity. To top it off, we have his ultimate ability that is an electric bomb with a huge range and that will force enemies to use some skill randomly.


Via: Riot games

This is how the skills of the new LoL character are

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