Digi, Simyo and Lowi are currently the main benchmarks in low prices for fiber and mobile combined, but there are many more MVNOs that imitate their offers to offer alternatives that complement them. This is the case of finetwork, which after its next improvement in conditions, once again becomes the complement that Lowi lacks.

It will be from next Monday, September 27, when Finetwork launches its new convergent offer, which keeps its simpler rate intact, while increase the gigs of your family mixes, and also reduces the price of the rest of combined with fiber to 600 Mbps.

Up to 15 additional GB free

The new offer will be available for hiring by new clients and current clients of the operator who request the rate change before December 31, although the new conditions can be enjoyed forever.

As we said, the access rate remains in fiber at 300 Mbps and 24 GB cumulative for 34.90 euros, while the other two options with a mobile line have improved conditions. Specifically, 600 Mbps fiber with 35 GB on the mobile reduces its quota by 5 euros monthly up to 39.90 euros, while it has created a new, more complete combination with fiber at 600 Mbps and 50 GB for 44.90 euros, which represents a 15 GB increment at no additional cost.

Those who also improve are the family combined with fiber and two lines, which maintain the price and increase 6 GB in total each. Thus, the simplest offer goes to have 9 GB on each line instead of 6 GB as before, while the most complete offer goes from 12 to 15 GB on each line.

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The complete conditions of the combined fiber and mobile finetwork in force in September 2021 are as summarized in the following image:

New Combined Fiber And Mobile Finetwork In September 2021

Compared to Lowi, finetwork offers 4-5GB more than Lowi in the rates of 35 and 40 euros, while finetwork does not have a cheap rate of 30 euros, but it does have a more complete rate that offers up to 50 GB for about 45 euros.

Finetwork increases the pressure between cheap family combinations

Most of the novelties that low cost operators are presenting during the beginning of the school year are focusing on a reduction of additional mobile lines, which leads to cheaper family mixes.

Family packages for 35 euros or less with unlimited calls on the mobile continue to find their lowest price in Lowi, with 13 GB shared for 32.90 euros, but for little more money, finetwork includes 18 GB shared while Simyo ups the ante to 21 GB, although in this case they are not shared.

What fiber and mobile coverage does each operator use: O2, Lowi, Simyo, Digi, Pepephone, Virgin telco and other cheap MVNOs

In the case of Digi, it does not share gigs between the family lines either, and the sum of gigs between both lines remains at 16 GB for 35 eurosAlthough as a bonus, it includes triple the fiber speed of the three previous offerings.

With 300 Mbps fiber, finetwork also offers a more complete alternative, with 30 GB shared for about 40 euros, Digi offers 24 GB for 37 euros, Lowi offers 25 GB for 38 euros, Simyo offers 28 GB for 42 euros, and Jazztel 16 GB for 40 euros. The full conditions of the cheapest family packages are as summarized in the comparative graph:

Best Combined With Fiber Two Cheapest Mobile Lines In September 2021

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