this is how long it took Thanos to find all the infinity gems

this is how long it took Thanos to find all the infinity gems

Since we were introduced to the character of Thanos in the films that made up the Marvel Cinematic Universewe learned that he was in search of the Infinity Gems. In fact, as a result of this, many of the events that we witnessed in the company’s films occurred.

However, In hindsight, many fans of the saga wonder how long it took Thanos to find and collect all the Infinity Stones.. Despite being the main antagonist of the Infinity Saga, there are still many mysteries surrounding the Mad Titan. And in this post, we will solve one of these, related to the time it took for this one to get all these powerful crystals.

Thanos’ trajectory throughout the MCU movies

Thanos the Mad Titan has spent roughly 20 years searching for the Infinity Stones.

As you may already know, the Mad Titan was introduced in a scene during the movie Thorfrom 2011to later appear again in another scene post-credits of the first film starring The Avengers. This caused a lot of excitement and excitement among lovers of this saga of heroes and comics, who immediately speculated that, possibly, the Infinity Stones would be part of this plot.

This was confirmed later in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. So it can be said that, since then, the Mad Titan was already on his mission of a lifetime to find the Infinity Stones.

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To achieve this end, Thanos used Loki, Ronan the Accuser, among other methods. It is also very likely that after the death of odinIn the MCU movies, the Mad Titan decided to increase his efforts to get hold of all these gems.

Since the beginning, Thanos wanted the Infinity Stones to bring balance to the universe, eliminating overpopulation and getting rid of half of the inhabitants. And, as we could see in the conclusion of Avengers: Infinity Warhe got it by snapping his fingers.

How long did it take Thanos to get the Infinity Stones?

Since Thanos adopted Gamora, many decades have passed

Since Thanos adopted Gamora, many decades have passed

the first appearance important Thanos show in the MCUIt was when he traveled with his henchmen to Gamora’s planet, Zen-Wobherithis in order for his army to eliminate half of the inhabitants of this place.

It was here also where we met a little Gamora, who you can guess was about 9 or 10 years old. Then Thanos adopts her to train her and join her ranks, until we can see her many years after her, so we could assume that, from the events shown at the beginning with the genocide of her people, it’s been about 14 or 20 years until it all culminated in the Mad Titan sacrificing her for the Mind Stone.

This is very important information. especially since we do not know many things related to the Mad Titan, despite being the main antagonist of this saga of Infinity. And this could be due to different reasons, such as the limited time that the directors had during the filming of Infinity War.

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