This is how Hailee Steinfeld could look like Kate Bishop according to conceptual art

This is how Hailee Steinfeld could look like Kate Bishop according to conceptual art

Before her much more casual final image, early concept art shows us a more heroic and badass Kate Bishop.

Hailee Steinfeld and her Kate Bishop entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the right foot thanks to their extraordinary performance in the series Hawkeye. And if you loved the image of her somewhat naïve and casual, in mostly homemade heroine attire, you’ll no doubt be surprised by some early concept art that showed Kate Bishop much more badass, with a much better finished Hawkeye outfit.

In his social networks, the graphic artist Andy Park shared an initial illustration of the heroine, and clarified that a change in management in the Marvel Studios art department determined the final appearance with which we met Kete Bishop.

On his social media, Park wrote, “An EARLY concept design I did of how @HaileeSteinfeld could look like #KateBishop a long time ago when I was running the #Hawkeye Visual Development team. Eventually, @rodneyimages took over as the new Visual Development supervisor and designed its amazing final look. I loved working on this series!

Check out this concept art of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop for Hawkeye.

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